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Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​To obtain quick answers to your questions, click on any of the links on the left to find information about a particular topic. If you need additional information, please contact the Communications Department at (636) 733-1143.



  • What are the boundaries of the Rockwood School District? Am I a Rockwood resident?
  • I'm new to Rockwood. How do I find out which Rockwood school my child should attend?
  • I am currently a Rockwood resident. I wish to purchase a new home in an area that would keep my child in the same school. How do I find out that attendance area?
  • As a Rockwood resident, how do I request that my child be allowed to attend a school different than the one for my assigned attendance area?
  • I am a Rockwood School District employee and live outside the district. Are my children eligible to attend Rockwood schools?

 Student Registration

  • As a Rockwood resident, how do I register my child for school?
  • What is the age for kindergarten? First grade?
  • When is kindergarten registration?
  • Does Rockwood have full-day kindergarten?
  • What options are available for preschool and daycare in Rockwood?
  • How does Rockwood handle guardianship for students residing part-time in two school districts?
  • What special help is available for students for whom English is a second language?

 Student Tuition

  • I live outside the Rockwood School District boundaries. What is the cost of tuition for a non-resident and how do I apply?

 Curriculum Development and Information

  • What about Rockwood curriculum? Where can I find information about new curriculum being implemented at various grade levels and content areas?

 Report Card to the Public

  • How can I obtain the Rockwood Annual Report to the Public?
  • How does Rockwood compare with other school districts?

 Obtaining Transcripts

  • As a former Rockwood student, how can I get my high school transcript?

 Gifted Education Program

  • What kind of programs are available in Rockwood for gifted students? Who do I contact for further information?

 Special Needs Students

  • What if my child has special needs?

 Rockwood Board of Education Meetings

  • When and where is the next Rockwood Board of Education meeting?

 Contacting Specific Departments

 Rockwood Policies

 Voluntary Transfer Student Information


  • How do I apply for a job in Rockwood?