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Goal 2: Highly Effective Staff

​​​​​​​​​Goal: Recruit, attract, develop and retain highly effective staff to carry out the Rockwood School District's mission, goals and objectives.

Goal Champion: Dr. Katie Reboulet, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

 Objective 2.1: Recruit and Hire

Annually develop and implement systematic methods that improve the district's ability to recruit, attract and hire a highly effective workforce.

Indicator 1: Gallup scores above the 50 percent percentile for all new hires.

 Objective 2.2: Retain Highly Qualified Staff

Implement programs, services and incentives intended to increase the district‐wide average years of teacher experience to 15.0 by 2019 (13.5 in 2013). 

Indicator 2.2: Annual Department of Elementary and Secondary Education teacher "average years of experience" statistics. 

 Objective 2.3: Highly Qualified Staff

Ensure that 100 percent of the district's students are taught/led by highly qualified and effective teachers, administrators and support staff. 

Indicator 2.3: Percentage of teachers noted in Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Core data annually as "effective or highly effective."