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Goal 3: District Finance

​​​​​​Goal: Ensure efficient operations and accountability for fiscally responsible use of district resources.

Goal Champion: Paul Northington​, Chief Financial Officer

 Objective 3.1: Facilities Plan

A comprehensive facilities plan, including future program identification, will be created and implemented by Spring 2015.

Indicator 3.1: A facilities plan is reviewed annually.

 Objective 3.2: Balanced Budget

Identify targeted efficiencies, cost reductions, cost avoidances, and possible alternative revenues annually in the development of a balanced budget.

Indicator 3.2: A balanced budget is approved annually.

 Objective 3.3: Stakeholder Perceptions

Improve internal and external stakeholder perceptions of the value of district services for tax dollars spent based on an annual community survey.

Indicator 3.3: Stakeholder perceptions improve annually as measured by community survey.

 Objective 3.4: Technology Plan

Establish and review annually a technology plan that identifies adequate infrastructure and devices to ensure students have access to current technology. 

Indicator 4: Technology plan reviewed annually.