Rockwood School District
111 East North Street, Eureka, MO 63025
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Goal 5: Governance

​​​​​​Goal: Govern the Rockwood School District in an efficient and effective manner, providing leadership and representation to benefit the students, staff and patrons of the district.  

Goal Champion: Dr. Eric Knost, Rockwood Superintendent

 Objective 1

The Board will follow the recommended governance practices of Missouri School Board Association, including development of (1) the annual budget, (2) the professional development plan, (3) the superintendent evaluation, (4) District policies and regulations, (5) Board meeting agendas, and (6) the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

 Objective 2

The Board will model, monitor and ensure adherence to ethical practices by all employees and volunteers as reflected in the district’s values statements.

 Objective 3

The Board will develop and implement a communications plan to enhance:

1) the Board’s use of external and internal mechanisms of communications;
2) the Board’s discussions and presentations at the Board table during business meetings;
3) opportunities to gather perceptions and viewpoints from diverse segments of the community and staff;
4) other means to promote good communications and public engagement that further the mission of the Board of Education to provide leadership and oversight of the school system.