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Principal - Dr. Rodney Lewis
Dec 14
Enjoy Your Winter Break


On behalf of Ballwin Elementary, I would like to wish our community a Happy Holidays! This will be a time to relax, rejuvenate, and refuel. 

We had an outstanding 2017, and we are determined to have a better 2018! 

Thank you for the support. Ballwin Elementary truly...truly ​appreciates it! 

Take care and enjoy...

Dec 08
The Cancer Care Project

The Cancer Care Project.jpg

This is the time of year for supporting, helping, and giving.

As a school, we have decided to donate to Mercy Clinic Cancer Care for Kids. The Center is located on New Ballas Road and supports children and families going through cancer treatments.

The message to our students is to help around the house and try to earn money to buy items to donate. These items can be any toy, puzzle, game, slime kit etc. The nurses at Mercy Clinic say they have a toy closet for kids who are going through treatments. Some of these children sit for long periods of time during their treatments and these items help keep their minds busy.  A few of the items will go to the family center where families can watch movies or play games during treatments.

Our 3rd grade students developed this mini-movie to promote our efforts. 

We hope you enjoy the movie and help us with this project.  

Watch Here

The Cancer Care Movie​

Dec 01
Welcome Home


Ballwin Elementary students holding signs and American flags lined the sidewalk outside their school the morning of Nov. 21. They were in place to salute the motorcade escorting Ballwin Police Officer Michael Flamion to his new, specially-equipped smarthome. 

Flamion is recovering after being wounded in the line of duty in July 2016. 

Students chanted "Officer Flamion! Officer Flamion!" 

Principal Dr. Rodney Lewis turned out with students, staff and parents. 

"We have about 500 students and we all came out to celebrate Officer Flamion's return home," said Dr. Lewis. "It was an incredible moment. We love Officer Flamion. He's a part of our community. We have Ballwin resource officers in our school every day to be here and support our students. When one of our officers goes down we want to support him. I'm happy with how our students reacted. I think they're going to remember that as a school we came out to support someone in our community." 

Lewis said there was no shortage of volunteers in organizing the effort. 

"We had 500 flags here," he said. "That was important to us. It wasn't a huge undertaking because all of our teachers supported the effort. We wanted our students to line the entire front of the school so he could see he is supported." 


Nov 19
Wear Blue


We have the opportunity to be a part of something special! On Tuesday, November 21st, Officer Flamion will be escorted by a motorcade to his new home. This will take place at 10:00 a.m.

Ballwin Elementary will be the only school that Officer Flamion’s motorcade will be passing. 

As a school community, we will show our support for Officer Flamion and his family by cheering and waving as the motorcade passes our school. 

The motorcade will be passing our school on Jefferson Ave. (in front of Ballwin Elementary). 

Please have your child wear blue on Tuesday, November 21st to show support and appreciation for Officer Flamion and The Ballwin Police Department!

This will be special!!​

Nov 11
Honor and Respect


On Tuesday, November 7th we celebrated Veterans Day with our annual celebration.  

I am  proud of our 5th grade leaders for leading our celebration. It was a pleasure watching their leadership shine.

Thank you to Sergeant Gibbs and his wife, Sarah Gibbs. Sergeant Gibbs gave a wonderful talk about how he used the 7 habits while serving our country. Sarah Gibbs was instrumental in planning our celebration. I appreciate her vision and time to our school. 

It was an outstanding celebration, and I look forward to next year!​



IMG_0254 2.jpg

Sergeant Gibbs (top left); Sarah Gibbs (top right); their children and our Ballwin leaders (below)

Nov 03
Red Ribbon Parade

​​RRW 2.jpg

Our Red Ribbon Week parade is the highlight of Red Ribbon Week. 

This year, our students marched in our community celebrating a Drug-Free life and enjoying a great time as a school community.

It was a wonderful time, and I am thankful I had the chance to share this moment with our staff, students, and parents.​



Oct 22
Red Ribbon Week '17

Red Ribbon Week Parent Flyer.pdf

Oct 09
A Beautiful Night

Internacional Night 11.jpg

Friday, October 6th was a special day! 

We celebrated our 4th annual International Night.

It was incredible to see our Ballwin community celebrate all of the wonderful families that hug our school each day.

Diversity means more than multiple cultures in one space, it means that we embrace our differences and unwrap the beautiful gifts we bring to the world. 


Oct 06


DK 2nd 1.jpgThe Rockwood School District is very…very...fortunate to have a Superintendent that makes it a point to visit each and every school in our district. 

Dr. Knost paid us a visit this week and our students were excited to see him. For the last four years, our students have come to know him as “DK.” He was greeted with hugs and high-fives.

DK 5th 1.jpg

Together, we walked through each Ballwin classroom and saw all 500 students. It was remarkable! I am not sure how Dr. Knost finds the time to visit all of our schools with such a demanding schedule, but he does, and we are grateful! 

Our students love seeing, “DK!"


DK strings 1.jpg

Sep 29
True Leadership


I am always amazed by our students. They have such giving hearts, and they love helping those in need. 

This Ballwin leader is no different. As you know, we have been raising money for hurricane victims with our “Hats for Hurricanes” campaign. Students who donate a dollar can wear a hat and the proceeds will support hurricane relief in Texas and Florida. 

On the other hand, this leader wanted to do more. Last weekend, she worked for nearly four hours raising money for hurricane victims with her lemonade stand. Her heart and hard work paid off! She raised $50! We are so proud of her. This leader used her resources and influence to help others….which is true leadership! 

Her thoughtfulness is very impressive! 

We are fortunate to have her in our school!


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