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Policy 1412 - Response to Potential Suicidal Behavior

​The Board of Education believes that school staff members are in a unique position to assist students and staff members in dealing with threats of suicide. The Board wishes to ensure that appropriate awareness and prevention programs are implemented and continued in the district. Indicators of suicide must always be taken seriously, and intervention should be immediate. Based on the level of risk assessed, different interventions may be put into place.

All school employees have the responsibility to act upon information regarding attempted, threatened or suspected suicidal acts by following district procedures. In addition, school employees are required by law to make a formal contact with designated school personnel, i.e. the building administrator or designee, as outlined in regulations. They shall also communicate the information to a parent/guardian/family and refer them  to an appropriate agency or professional services. Costs of these services are the responsibility of the parent/guardian/family/staff member.

The issue of confidentiality does not apply in the event of a life-threatening situation.

The Superintendent/designee shall prepare and disseminate regulations for the guidance of staff members in recognizing the student who contemplates suicide and in responding to threatened or attempted suicide.

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