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Policy 2400 - Student Educational Records

​​​​​​​​​​​A cumulative educational record shall be maintained for each student from his entrance into school through the last date of attendance or through graduation, whichever occurs first. The term "educational record" includes student health records.

Each student's educational record will include information required by state and federal statutes, regulations or agencies and shall include other information considered necessary by school officials.

The parent/guardian of students who are attending or have attended the district's schools have the right to inspect and review the educational records of their student. The parent/guardian may also grant access to their student's records when delegating authority for the care and custody of a child to another person with a power of attorney. When a student reaches the age of 18, or attends a post-secondary institution of education, the parent/guardian rights under this policy will transfer from the parent/guardian to the student. Parents of a student 18 years of age or older continue to have access to student records so long as the student is a dependent for income tax purposes, or in the case of a health or safety emergency.  The district must document the health or safety emergency in the student's file.  However, if any material or document in the education record of the student includes information on more than one student, the parent/guardian shall have the right to inspect and review only the part of such material or document that relates to their student or to be informed of the specific information regarding their student that is contained in the document or material.

The district has adopted procedures for the granting of parental requests for access to the education records of their students within a reasonable period of time, but in no case more than forty-five (45) days after the request is made.

All information contained in a student's educational record, except information designated as directory information by the district, shall be confidential. In addition, parents/guardians and students have a right to expect that student health information will be kept confidential. Student educational records shall be directly accessible only as permitted under the federal regulations, as set forth in district Regulation 2400.

Prior to making directory information public, the district will provide annual notice to parents/guardians or eligible students regarding the categories of information it has designated as directory. In addition, the district will allow a reasonable period of time after such notice for the parent/guardian or eligible student to inform the district that any or all of the designated directory information should not be released without the parent's or eligible student's prior consent.

In addition, the school official or his/her assistants who are responsible for the custody of the records and those parties authorized to audit the record-keeping procedures of the district may inspect the records relating to each student without the consent of the parent/guardian or eligible student.

The district will comply with the mandates of the Safe Schools Act, House Bills Nos. 1301 and 1298, and the Safe at Home Act regarding confidentiality of student records and disclosure of personally identifiable information.

In appropriate circumstances, district administrators may disclose student education records to law enforcement and/or juvenile authorities where necessary to serve students prior to adjudication. Officials to whom such education records are disclosed are required to comply with federal law governing students' educational records.
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