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Policy 2521 - Promotion and Retention: Elementary and Middle School Students

​The purpose of promotion and retention is to provide consideration for the long-range welfare of the student and to provide an opportunity for each student to progress through school according to his/her own needs and abilities. The procedures to be followed for elementary and middle school promotion and retention are outlined in Regulation 2521.

However, consistent with state law, students with reading ability levels more than one grade level below their current grade level will not be promoted to a higher grade level until this deficiency is removed. This limitation on promotion will not apply to students receiving special education services pursuant to state law.

The district will utilize a program for reading improvement instruction for students in kindergarten through third grade who fail to meet the district's objectives for reading based upon the student's performance on reading assessment measures. Such students will be counted for average daily attendance for state school aid during reading instruction time where such instruction time falls outside normal school hours.