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CSIP Advisory Committees

​​​​​The Rockwood School District values our parents and patrons. We rely on your input to help us make improvements to our schools.  One way our patrons provide input is through our district committees. These important committees are centered on the major goal areas of our strategic plan. Committee members monitor and review the district's progress and provide feedback on the strategies and action plans for the implementation of Rockwood's five-year strategic plan.

Being a part of our on-going school improvement process is a great opportunity to be involved with Rockwood.  Committee members work three to four evening meetings during the time frame of October 2014 through May 2015.


This committee will work on the goal of making sure all students demonstrate academic growth and are well prepared for their future.


This committee's work will focus on the goal of recruiting, attracting, developing and retaining highly effective staff to carry out the District's mission, goals and objectives.


The goal of this committee is to ensure efficient operations and accountability for fiscally responsible use of district resources.  The Technology C​ommittee​ will be part of this committee. 


As a member of this committee, you will look at ways to enhance technology and identify adequate infrastructure and devices to ensure students have access to current technology.


Committee members will work on the goal of creating a safe and caring learning environment that includes a positive school culture and possible collaboration and communication throughout the school and community.​​