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Communications Department


The Rockwood School District is committed to open, honest and ongoing communication with our school community. We understand maintaining a two-way conversation with students, parents, teachers, staff and community members is essential for building relationships. These relationships are the foundation for a strong school system.

Schools that excel at communication not only provide information, but they also promote opportunities for dialogue and c​onstructive criticism within their communities. Electronic communications, including district websites, online surveys, voice broadcasts and e-mail newsletters, enable Rockwood school leaders to reach diverse audiences quickly with important news and information.

Research shows people support public schools that have an ongoing, everyday commitment to transparently and proactively communicating with their community about the important decisions in the district as well as positive stories in schools . Furthermore, increasing and improving communication between teachers and parents is the number one way to increase parent involvement and student achievement.

Aside from the 21,500 students and 3,300 staff in Rockwood, the district comprises of more than 115,000 people and nearly 42,000 households. The Department of Communications provides leadership, counsel and training in order for our schools, administrators, staff and teachers to get their message out to the entire community.

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Communications Department
500 North Central Ave
Eureka, MO 63025
Phone: 636-733-1140
Fax: 636-733-8826

 Communication Plan

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 More Contact Information

Executive Director of Communications
Cathy Orta, APR
(636) 733-1144

Communications Coordinator
Alex Fees
(636) 733-1151

Web Services Coordinator
Karl Weinrich
(636) 733-1150​