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Principal - Dr. Gary Jansen
Feb 22
Innovative Learning

What does innovative learning for students look like in our Rockwood schools?  

I can assure you that if you walk in a classroom, you’ll see innovation in action.  Students are working on soft skills like communication and collaboration.  You’ll see students working together to solve problems, anticipate needs and adapt to changes.  Students are learning as they acquire knowledge in subject matter and become tech-savvy.  The key is a shift from students gaining knowledge to students discovering how to apply what they have learned.  

Our Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost has recently shared a video that shows what innovation looks like throughout our school district. Would you take a moment to view?  In addition, I want to inform you that Prop T will fund innovative learning in our school.  Funds from Prop T will expand the implementation of the one-to-one, student-to-technology program in all middle schools.  I invite you to read more about the bond issue and find out what Prop T means for our school and our feeder schools.  As always, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Feb 15
Prop T

​Crestview Community, 

I wanted to share that our Board of Education recently voted to place a bond issue on the April 4 ballot. Rockwood voters will consider Proposition T (Thrive) to address increasing enrollment and our continued support for STEM/Innovative learning. Prop T will not alter the current Rockwood tax rate.

Funds from Prop T will build a new elementary school in Rockwood.  The last time Rockwood built a school was in 2004 in response to growth in the Wildwood area when we built Fairway Elementary School. We are again experiencing increases to student enrollment. According to Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost, about 2,300 homes are expected to be built in the district in the next five years. 

In addition, funds from Prop T will allow us to expand upon the implementation of the one-to-one technology program in our Rockwood middle and high schools. I encourage you to visit theProp T website to view the project list and learn more about the bond issue.

The $95.5 million bond issue requires a four-sevenths (57.14 percent) majority for passage on April 4. I’ll continue to share more information about the bond issue in the coming weeks.  You can always contact me with questions or visit the Prop T FAQs for more information.​

Nov 07
Middle School Review Committee Feedback Requested

Members of the Middle School Program Design Committee have prepared a survey, and invite students, parents and staff to share their thoughts and opinions on some important areas of study:

• Middle School Start Times
• Student Academic Needs
• Student Social/Emotional Needs
• Middle School Scheduling 

According to Dr. Lisa Counts, assistant superintendent supervision of schools, the commitment remains to design the best possible middle school experience for our students. "The five subcommittees have made progress, and they would benefit from this community feedback as they move forward in making recommendations," she noted. 

The survey will be open from November 1-15. Where will our Rockwood school community find the survey?

  • Middle school students will have the opportunity to respond to the survey during their school day. 
  • Rockwood parents will receive the survey in an email via Rockwood eNews.
  • Staff members will receive the survey through their Rockwood email. 
Survey Link​

Oct 28
Middle School Program Design Committee


I want to provide an update on our Middle School Program Design Committee. We've done a lot of work! 

First, I personally would like to thank those students, teachers support staff and administrators who have come together to discuss the research, best practices and challenges faced by our middle schools.  Our goal is to improve the middle school experience for Rockwood students.

We have five subcommittees, each facilitated by our Rockwood middle school principals. I encourage you to take a moment to read an update on the research that is being reviewed, as well as the challenges facing each subcommittee:

  • Start Time Subcommittee
  • Student Needs: Academic Subcommittee
  • Student Needs: Social and Emotional Subcommittee
  • Middle School Schedule Subcommittee
  • Extracurricular Activities/Transportation Subcommittee
In the coming weeks, the members will invite our Rockwood school community to complete a survey to help gather input for the next step of drafting recommendations for Board of Education review.
​  We'll be sure to share the survey link with our students, parents and staff!​

Jul 18
Remember to Pop-In!
​​As the new principal of Crestview Middle School, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to work with you and your families.  I am looking forward to meeting and working with such an amazing community as we continue to help our young people to Serve, Learn and Lead. I have been fortunate to meet a few of you, and everyone has been so welcoming and supportive.  I would like the opportunity to meet with each of you prior to the start of our school year.

We are inviting students, parents, and staff members to “Pop-In” at one of our Meet-and-Greet events. Please choose a date below that is convenient for you.  Our CPO has graciously offered to provide popsicles for the “Pop-In” events. You are welcome to stop by and stay a while or enjoy the entire event.

​July 27, 2016​WednesdayBluebird Park
Beyond the Lafayette Memorial
225 Kiefer Creek Road
Ellisville, MO
​4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
​August 2, 2016​​TuesdayChesterfield Central Park
Central Park Pavilion
16365 Lydia Hill Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005​
​5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
While this is a great time for me to begin to get to know each of you, this is also an excellent opportunity for our CMS families to continue to get to know one another and our staff. 

If these event dates are not convenient for you, I am happy to meet with you by appointment at CMS.  Our summer hours are from 7:00 am until 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment or for further questions, you are welcome to contact me at 636-891-6950 or email me at​.

In the coming weeks, you will receive your back-to-school informational packet by mail. If you have any questions about any of the information in the mailer, feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to our work together as members of the Crestview School Community.

Dr. Gary Jansen
Crestview Middle School
Mar 30
6 Gold Camp

Six Gold Campers Weathering the Storm!

March 30, 2016

Dear Crestview Parents:

I want to send a message to let you know how things are going with our sixth grade camp at the Babler Outdoor Education Center.

As you may have noticed, the weather has not been cooperating to allow for some of our outdoor activities today.   As more storms are being predicted for this afternoon and possibly throughout the night, I want to reassure you that we will continue to carefully monitor the weather conditions.  We have safety plans in place that include storm shelters - should we need to take any weather-related precautions - and our staff members have backup indoor activities planned.  Students at camp completed a tornado drill this morning, and I commend our students for their behavior and cooperation. As always, the safety of our students is our first priority.

I am very proud of how capable our teachers have become at keeping students calm during stormy situations and am confident in their ability to make the best out of rainy conditions and make the camping experience fun for our students!

Most importantly, please know that if a weather situation arises tonight of which you need to be aware, we will let our parents know via our automatic notification system.  Hopefully, the storms will be mild and will pass through our area overnight, giving our campers a nicer day tomorrow and Friday.

Thank you for your partnership as part of our Crestview school community.​

Mar 22
What does it mean to be a Lighthouse School?

Over the past three and a half years, CMS has focused on instilling a culture of "Serving ~ Learning ~ Leading," inspiring every CMS community member to be inspired to see the greatness in themselves and be empowered to be a leader. This has required a paradigm shift from the traditional hierarchical school structure to position every student, staff member, parent and community member to take pride in ownership of their own and our school community's success. 

And it's working! Enter the doors of CMS and experience our great leaders achieving their own excellence, setting and accomplishing goals, and demonstrating an unparalleled support of one another. As a result, CMS has proudly earned the designation of "Lighthouse School."

The honor of being designated a Lighthouse School is a milestone, not the final destination. Yet it is a very proud moment and an event to heartily celebrate.

As with any significant achievement, the journey to the Lighthouse milestone involved much creative energy, dedication, and the belief that everyone can be a leader, based upon The Leader in Me/7 Habits. As we progressed through each phase of instilling this cultural paradigm, we experienced countless proud moments of student empowerment that become 21st Century skills for your students to use today and throughout their bright futures.

Our journey of student empowerment and leadership is just beginning. The Lighthouse milestone is one which we'll pursue again and again (every two years) to keep at the forefront of our minds, the great potential of every CMS community member now and in the future. Congratulations to YOU and YOUR STUDENTS for being the beacon for their own and our future!​
Mar 22
Navigating Middle School Presentation

The Crestview Parent Organization ​has scheduled an informative and interactive parent-child presentation on Navigating Middle School in Today’s World.  Tips, tools and strategies to improve communication will be presented by an independant Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in tweens and teens.  The Counselor will also address the following relevant social topics while we break into small, interactive discussion groups: 

Group Mentality - How it looks when you’re in it; How it looks when you are not a part of it.

Is My Friend Really a Friend? - Behaviors / characteristics to be wary of.

Being a Stand Up Person.

Impact of Social Media on our Kids - The emotional challenges it presents; effects and consequences.

April 20th from 6:30-8:30, $20 per family in CMS Library.  

The presentation is sponsored by Girls In The Know but it is geared toward both young men and young ladies in middle school.  This will be highly informative to both parents and students attending. ​

Mar 08
We are a Lighthouse School!

Worldwide, there are 176 schools that have achieved Lighthouse status by The Leader in Me program. In Missouri, only six schools have received the honor, including Stanton and Ellisville Elementary Schools.

They will now have some company from another school in Rockwood.

In recognition of the school’s ongoing success with The Leader in Me program, Crestview Middle School has been named a Lighthouse School by Franklin Covey.

“My first reaction was a feeling of being proud of our students and staff,” said Crestview Principal Dr. Nisha Patel. “They have put in a lot of work in this process.”

This recognition comes because the school has achieved outstanding results in school and student outcomes--including the extraordinary impact the school is having on staff, students, parents and the greater community.

“I believe all Rockwood schools do great things with different approaches,” Patel noted. “Our approach aligns what we do every day to our vision of serving-learning-leading. Our goals are aligned to this vision, and our values and beliefs as a staff are aligned to it. For us, our vision is not words on a wall. It's action. It's what we feel and how we act.”

The Leader in Me program focuses on the whole school transformation process. It teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to K-12 students and creates a culture of student empowerment, based on the idea that every child can be a leader. 

The Leader in Me framework helps students learn how to become self-reliant; manage their emotions; set and track goals; do their homework; prioritize their time; increase interpersonal skills, such as resolve conflicts and interact well with others; as well as help them develop the skills and self-confidence to lead their lives and succeed.

Feb 01
February News

​Happy February CMS Family.  We have quite a few events coming up this month that I hope you mark on your calendars.

On Thursday, February 4th we will have our "Getting Ready for High School" Principal's Coffee from 9:30-10:30 in the library.  Counselors from Marquette will be here to help you and give you a few tips.  I encourage all parents to come to this no matter what grade level your student is. It is definitely informative and we will leave 15 minutes for a question/answer session.

Next week are our parent teacher conferences.  You should have already signed up for them.  As a reminder, if you did not get a chance to sign up for a specific teacher that you would like to meet, I encourage you to please reach out to them via phone or email and they will set up a meeting with you.  

We have our first all school mixer for this semester on Friday, February 5th from 2:30-4:30.  We have a lot of students signed up for this and I look forward to seeing them having a great time!

Our PT conferences are on Tuesday, February 9 and Thursday, February 11 from 3:30-7:00.  I look forward to seeing you there.

We will be showcasing our CMS Science Fair presentations in the library from February 8-17. I cannot wait to see all the talent! 

Our half day this month will be on Friday, February 12th and no school on Monday, February 15th for President's Day.

During our faculty meeting on Monday, February 22nd, we will be annoucing our CMS 16-17 Teacher of the Year.  We have several outstanding teachers at CMS and this is always my favorite faculty meeting because we recognize them.  

On Tuesday, February 23rd, we will be having Franklin Covey representatives come to CMS for our official Lighthouse Certification Review.  They will interview several staff members, take a tour of the building and also talk to students about Leader in Me at CMS and how we have embraced the habits.  Once they have their review, we will find out if we have achieved lighthouse status.  This is an important recognition and we would be the first middle school of this size to achieve this in the world!  I will keep you posted on this!

Lastly, we have our quarterly city social on Thursday, February 25th from 6:00-7:30.  It's a great time to meet all of our parents and students and talk about what success at CMS looks like and how to ensure it for all students. 

As always, do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.  It is my honor to serve, learn and lead with you.


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