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Marijuana Position Statement


Our goal as the Rockwood Drug-Free Coalition is to prevent substance use among Rockwood youth and to create an environment where all youth are proud to be drug and alcohol free.  The Coalition realizes there are many misconceptions surrounding adolescent marijuana use. Here are some facts regarding youth marijuana use.

  • Adolescents are susceptible to lasting damage from marijuana use because their brains aren’t fully developed.  (American Psychological Association, Marijuana and the Developing Brain, 2015)

  • In the Rockwood Community 34% of youth believe it is “easy” to obtain marijuana. (2018 Mo Student Survey)

  • Perception of harm decreases with legalization, 25% of 12th graders reported they would be more likely to try marijuana if it were legalized. (2017 Monitoring the Future Study)

  • In the Rockwood Community 26% of youth believe there is no danger associated with smoking marijuana once or twice a week. (2018 Mo Student Survey)

  • Regular adolescent marijuana use has been linked to higher dropout rates, poor school performance and higher unemployment rates later in life. (American Psychological Association, Marijuana and the Developing Brain, 2015)

Be sure to follow us on social media for more up to date information regarding marijuana. Twitter: @RcwdDrugFree and Facebook: Rockwood Drug Free

For information on the medical marijuana ​initiatives that will be on the ballot in November 2018 click here​