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Curriculum Overview

Guided by Missouri state standards for pre-kindergarten education and by prevailing theory and research on how children learn, the Rockwood Preschool curriculum emphasizes the development of children’s thinking, reasoning, decision making, and problem-solving abilities. The Rockwood Curriculum Coordinators also provided guidance and input to ensure that kindergarten readiness skills are addressed. The curriculum outlines essential skills in the following seven learning domains:


The Rockwood Preschool curriculum engages children actively ensuring that children have opportunities to make meaningful choices and interact with objects and people in experimentation and exploration.

The attached chart titled "Alignment of Essential Learning Objectives with Experiences in the Classroom" provides a listing of the Essential Learning Objectives in each domain along wi​th a grid indicating where the Essential Learning Objectives may be targeted within a child’s classroom experiences.

            ELO 1

            ELO 2