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Strategic Plan


The mission of the Rockwood Early Childhood Department is to assure that every child birth to pre-k develops the dispositions and skills to become enthusiastic lifelong learners by providing a comprehensive system of educational services that support young children and their families.


The Rockwood School District’s Early Childhood Department will be recognized as a model program that provides quality educational experiences which promote the respect and uniqueness of each child, family, staff member, and community while striving to prepare all children for the next step toward personal success.

Core Beliefs

  • Children are unique in their development and deserve educational experiences that address their individual needs.
  • Children learn best through active learning experiences and the support of positive role models.
  • Parents/guardians are the most important teachers for their children through the early years.
  • Education of young children is a partnership between home and school.


Rockwood Early Childhood offers a preschool program designed to provide children with a safe, nurturing,  well-supervised, caring environment.

The following goals guide the practices of the Preschool Program:

  • To provide a safe and caring environment.
  • To help the children see themselves as competent individuals.
  • To nurture the children’s natural excitement for exploring, discovering and learning. 



At Rockwood Preschool, the child is the center of the teaching and learning process.  Guided by the most recent research about how and what young children learn best, we have developed the following philosophy:

Children learn best through active, meaningful and hands-on experience.  Our teachers, educated in child development, and familiar with effective teaching strategies, encourage children to participate in a variety of challenging classroom experiences.  They strive to engage children in interesting age-appropriate activities, both individually, and in small and large groups.

All children have strengths and can contribute to their community.  Rockwood Preschool is committed to providing children with a sense of belonging.  Our preschool is an inclusive environment for learning.  Children of all backgrounds and abilities are valued and appreciated for the strengths and gifts they bring to the classroom and each other in learning.  

Families play a vital role in their child's education.  Rockwood Preschool provides a variety of opportunities to work together with families and to involve them meaningfully in their child's learning.  

Rockwood Preschool sets the stage for a child's success in Rockwood School District.  Rockwood Preschool is committed to preparing children for kindergarten in an environment that strengthens their enthusiasm for learning.