Ellisville Elementary
1425 Froesel Drive, Ellisville, MO 63011
Phone (636) 891-6600


Helpful Information

Communicat​ion:The best way to contact Katie Brown is through email.

We encourage parents to contact Ms. Brown if you have a question or concern. Please note the dire​ctory on the right navigation column that includes phone number, email and link to the teacher website.

Infinite Campus: Learn about Infinite Campus where you can view your student’s report cards. Parents: Please be sure you establish an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account that will connect you to your child’s academic progress.

Curriculum: Our focus for all students is to achieve and succeed in the classroom.
View the curriculum by subject matter on the Rockwood website.

Character Education: In our classrooms character education is an important part of the curriculum.

 Contact Information



http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CbrownkathleenKATHLEENBROWNVocal Music636-891-6600 x21840brownkathleen@rsdmo.orghttps://staff.rsdmo.org/brownkathleen
http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5ChoffcarlCARLHOFFTraveling Orchestra636-891-6175 x22110hoffcarl@rsdmo.orghttps://staff.rsdmo.org/hoffcarl
http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CsmithtracyTRACYSMITHTraveling Orchestra636-733-3150 x40233smithtracy@rsdmo.orghttps://staff.rsdmo.org/smithtracy
http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CtomichnatanyaNATANYATOMICHTraveling Vocal Music Teacher636-891-6500 x22533