Ellisville Elementary
1425 Froesel, Ellisville, MO 63011
Phone 636-891-6600 . Fax 636-891-8853
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Grade Levels

​ ​​​Welcome to Ellisville!

Student-centered classrooms at each grade level are the focus at Ellisville Elementary School.  Teachers build unit and lesson plans incorporating a variety of assessments with student-centered learning as a foundational framework. Thinking skills and strategies are at the center of student learning.

Curriculum provides students, teachers and parents with clear goals and targets for achievement. Out of this grows the work of teachers: instructional planning and delivery, and assessment practices that will support students in their development and learning.

The foundation is developed by Rockwood’s Department of Curriculum and School Leadership.  This Department is dedicated to providing all schools with a continuous, systematic process to enhance student learning. The goal is to improve the education opportunities and increase the effectiveness of the educational programs and services provided to students throughout the district.