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Principal Blog - Dr. Allison Loy

May 17
A Message from the Principal and Assistant Principal of the Day

We had a blast as Principal and Assistant Principal of the Day!  Next week we made the decision to have dress up days every year to kick off the last week of school!!  

Marvelous Monday---dress like your favorite superhero

Tourist Tuesday--Dress for a vacation

Wacky Wednesday--Crazy Socks, Hair, Clothes

Team Thursday--Dress for your favorite sport

Thanks Mom and Dad for this opportunity!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
​Spencer Mathus & Cooper Dalton

Apr 19

Dear Ellisville Families,

Rockwood School District has always been committed to providing a safe learning environment for our students and staff. It is our first priority and something we take seriously.  While no plan can completely prevent an act of senseless violence, we have school safety plans in place that are reviewed by law enforcement authorities and practiced by all our staff.  Every school has locked external doors and one-point-of-entry visitor entrances that must be accessed through an intercom/video management system to verify guests.  Schools also utilize alarms, evacuation areas, parent notification systems, and maintain positive partnerships with our first responders.

As you are aware, we currently conduct intruder drills in addition to fire, earthquake, and tornado drills.  During intruder drills we practice a type of lockdown that would be implemented in the event a potentially dangerous or unauthorized individual enters our school.  It is important to regularly and diligently conduct these drills in case the need would arise to go into lockdown mode.  This practice ensures the process happens quickly and adds heightened protection for our students and staff.  We are very proud of how our school community performs during these drills.

Our school staff has been engaged in further intruder training this month that expands upon what we can do to protect our students and staff.  They have been taught an options-based approach which includes evacuating, evading, or engaging during an intruder situation.  Our teachers are in the process of reviewing age appropriate information with their students on ways to handle an intruder drill.   Our faculty and staff have done an outstanding job of embracing the need for additional training.  We will always seek to improve our preparedness in an effort to keep our students safe. 




Allison Loy, Principal​

Mar 22
Class Placement 2018

Dear Ellisville Parents,

​​Each year grade current grade level teachers and specialist come together with administration and our counselor to work on class placement for the following year.   Teacher input in this process is crucial as they have spent a lot of time with your children throughout the school year.  We spend a lot of time trying to create a good fit for each student.  We value your input as parents as well. 

 Attached is a form for you to use to capture your thoughts as your child moves to the next grade level.  Please do NOT include a teacher name on the form.  When creating classes we have to consider many things.  Balanced academic levels, special needs, gender ratio, and CCL placement are some of these things.  

If you choose to fill out a form the deadline to turn it into the office is Friday, April 13th.  

A big thanks to everyone who has helped make parent pick-up a smooth transition in the evenings.  Parent drop-off needs some HELP.  If you are dropping off in the morning please get in line with everyone else.  We are having a lot of students cross in between cars in the morning which is a huge safety concern.  If you are on a tight schedule, please consider putting your students on the bus for those of you who have bus service.  We appreciate your help with this!



Feb 28
Rockwood School Climate Survey

Take the Character-School Climate Survey


We want to know what you think about your children's schools. Parents, take a few minutes to share your thoughts by completing the School Climate Survey.  



For those of you with children in multiple schools, you are invited to take the survey for each school where your children currently attend. Be sure to complete the form by the March 30th deadline.

Why take the time to complete the survey?

Because your feedback helps us make our schools even stronger. You'll answer questions about safety, character education, the teaching and learning environment, prevention services, and parent involvement as part of a district wide program evaluation process.

The results of the survey are important and will be used to help make decisions about our long-range planning. School principals will receive this information so they can make your child's school an even better place to learn.

Education is a shared responsibility. It requires a partnership among students, teachers, parents, staff and community. Thank you for helping us to direct school improvements in the years to come.​

Have questions about the survey? Please contact Rockwood Guidance and Prevention Services at (636) 733-2135.

Feb 22
New Safety Procedures

Dear Ellisville Families,

Over the past number of days, a few parents have reached out to me with both questions and gratitude about our current practices for safety and security here at Ellisville Elementary School.  While the tragedy that took place last week in Florida has certainly heightened our sensitivity to keeping students safe, last week's events also serve as a reminder that safety and security must be our top priority each and every day.  I want to take this opportunity to revisit our daily safety protocol so that everyone is on the same page. Your patience and understanding of our need to adhere tightly to our safety protocol is both appreciated and necessary. 

  • All visitors to Ellisville Elementary School during regular school hours MUST request entry at the front door.  Once at the front door, visitors will be asked to state their name and the nature of their visit.  PLEASE DO NOT hold the door for additional individuals to enter the building when you are entering or exiting.
  • Our back door buzzer will only be utilized for special events.
  • Once permitted entry, visitors are to obtain a 'visitors badge' to be worn during the duration of the visit.  Please remember to sign out prior to leaving.
  • Students, staff, and visitors are asked to not open doors for individuals who wish to gain entry. 
  • Parents /guardians who are dropping students off in the morning should do so at the rear entrance closest to the cafeteria between 8:45 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. Unless they arrive on a bus, students are not to be dropped off at the main entrance between 8:45 A.M. and 9:00 A.M.  If you arrive for student drop-off after 9:00 A.M., please escort your child(ren) to the main office where they will be directed to class.    
  • *NEW*  Unless you have school business in the morning we ask that you DO NOT escort your child into the building unless you are signing them in after 9:00 AM. This will reduce the number of visitors to monitor each day.  If you have a meeting in the building, you must sign in at the office.

A CHANGE TO PARENT PICK-UP STARTING MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH:  We have decided for safety reasons that we will be dismissing students from the cafeteria.  Staff will be outside calling for students to join their parents as they pull up to the dismissal zone.  Please have your identification cards in your front window to speed up the parent pick-up process.  TO ENSURE SAFETY, WE WOULD LIKE ALL PARENTS TO STAY IN THEIR CARS IN THE PICK-UP LINE.  THIS WILL ELIMINATE ADULTS AND CHILDREN CROSSING IN BETWEEN CARS.    SHOULD YOU NEED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD EARLY PLEASE SIGN THEM OUT FROM THE OFFICE BEFORE 3:30.  IF YOU COME TO PARENT PICK UP AND ARE WAITING ON THE SIDEWALK OR THE FRONT DOOR YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE FRONT OFFICE. 

Always keep in mind that we must sometimes sacrifice convenience in order to ensure the safest and most secure surroundings for students, staff, and patrons.  Your patience, cooperation, and understanding are very much appreciated. Do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions regarding our daily safety protocol. 



Allison Loy, Principal ​

Feb 08
Parent Pick-up Safety

As we tweak our new parent pick-up procedure, we are making the following changes to ensure the safety of students and parents.  We are making a change for parents who stand out on the curb to meet their children.  Parents must wait at the other end of the sidewalk near the crosswalk closest to Irene Drive.  Parents and students must cross at that crosswalk to go to their car.  This will prevent students and parents from walking between cars in the parent pick-up line.  Lastly, if you have your orange card with your name on it please have it where staff can see it easily.  If you need one, please let the office know.

Thank you for making this change to ensure safety.  ​

Jan 18
Please help us get your kids home safely....

Dear Ellisville Families,

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a very relaxing holiday with family!  The new year is always  a great time to set goals and change things that may need adjusted!  In saying that we need your help with a few things.

Dismissal and Transportation Changes:  Safety is our number one concern.  If a change is going to be made during the school day we need to add layers to ensure that the change is noted.  Please communicate this via email with the following people:

  1. Classroom Teacher
  2. Lea Alexander in the front office at alexanderlea@rsdmo.org
  3. Heather Rabon in Adventure Club (if appropriate)

Transportation changes should be made by 2:00 on regular dismissal days and 10:00 on early dismissal days.


Parent Pick Up:  We know that everyone is anxious to pick up their students.  We want this process to be a WIN/WIN situation for everyone.  Please stay in your cars and in the parent pick up lane to ensure every student is safely picked up each night.  There have been several concerns with adults and children walking in between cars in the parking lot and we are hoping to reduce the risk of an accident.

Please DO NOT park on Irene Street and interfere with our neighbors.  We have had several concerns communicated to us and the Ellisville Police Department.  Thank you for your help!

Friendship Parties:  Please DO NOT send candy and food with your child to exchange with other students with their Valentines.  We need to be very cautious with food allergies. 

Thanks so much for all your help!!  Ellisville Families are the BEST!!!


Allison Loy, Principal

Oct 19
We had a GRAND time at Grand Persons Day!!!

Dear Ellisville Families,

Our first ever "Grand" Person Day was a success!  Thanks to all of our visitors for coming up for this event!  Our students were so proud to show off their Grand Person and it was our pleasure to meet them.  Thanks to all the volunteers for helping to set up, sell books, serve goodies, and tear down!!  A shout out to Einstein Bagels for their donations and for PTO for sponsoring this event! 

Make it a great day!!!


Allison Loy, Principal​

Oct 12

Dear Ellisville Families,

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow ends the first quarter of school!   Students have been hard at work and will be excited to share their progress with you at our Student-Led Conferences on October 24th and 25th.  

There are many fun events coming up so please mark your calendars!  
Our PTO Carnival will be held TOMORROW, October 13th.  We hope to see many families come out for a fun evening.  Thanks to all the parent volunteers who have spent hours of time setting up our carnival and haunted house!  

Next week we will support the American Cancer Society by sponsoring a PINK OUT week!  If you are child would like to participate and wear pink please send in a dollar OR wear PINK all week for a five dollar donation!  

For the first time at Ellisville we are inviting any “Grand”​ Person in to have Bagels and take a peek at the book fair.  This event will be held at 8:00 AM in our café on the mornings of October 18th and 19th.  Your child may invite anyone who is GRAND in their life.  

We will bring October to a close with our Trunk or Treat ​Evening on October 26th.  

Please click on the links in the text​ for more information on some of these events!

Make it a great day!

Allison Loy, Principal

Aug 24
Safety Procedures---PLEASE READ

Dear Ellisville Families,


Hope your school year is off to a great start! 


I’m reaching out to remind everyone and share with new families a few safety procedures.  Safety is a priority here and we want to make sure everyone has a clear understanding. 


ALL visitors to school must ring the bell, share their name and reason for visiting and then come directly to the main office to sign in.  If you need to pick up your child, Mrs. Alexander will call the classroom and direct your child to come to the office.  Visitors are not allowed to go to classrooms before checking into the office for safety and learning purposes.


If you need to change your child's DISMISSAL routine, please contact the office by 2:00 p.m.  You may call 636.891.6600 or email alexanderlea@rsdmo.org and your child's teacher. If your child attends Adventure Club please include them on the email as well.


All Parent Pick Up is at the back of our building.  Please pull around the track and wait in your car for your child. We ask that you DO NOT park and wave your children over to your car through traffic.  Please DO NOT pull into the bus lane during dismissal to pick up your child, which is in the front of the building. 


For student attendance, please call the school at 636.891.6600 or email alexanderlea@rsdmo.org and your child's teacher.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  Your child's safety is always a priority at Ellsville!!  Please share these procedures with anyone that is picking up your child. 




Allison Loy, Principal​

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