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Jan 12
Kindergarten Registration is right around the corner...spread the word!!

Dear Ellisville Families,

Happy 2017!  I hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season!  It was so great to welcome the students back to school!  Every student should be working hard to set a personal and academic goal in their classrooms.  Please ask them about their goals.  Not only should they be able to tell you what their goals are they should be able to share strategies on how they will meet their goals.  Every Friday in their classrooms they will be meeting briefly with their accountability partners as a check-in process to keep their goals in the forefront of their minds. 

HELP SPREAD THE WORD:   Do you have a child who will be ready for Kindergarten next school year?  Do you know a family in your neighborhood that includes a future Kindergarten Student?

Remember and share this important information about kindergarten registration dates at our school:

Wednesday, Jan. 18     7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 19        9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Coming Soon…..

The Community Service Action Team will be doing a collection for the Shower to the People Organization.  This is a truck that drives around and provides showers to homeless people.  The truck has been redesigned on the inside with two showers, sinks, etc...to allow them to get cleaned up.  The Action Team will be collecting hygiene products in January and February.  Please check out the link below for additional information.  So proud of our students for helping assist those that are less fortunate.


​Have a wonderful day!!


Allison Loy, Principal

Dec 22
Kindness Spreads Cheer! Happy Holidays!!!

Dear Ellisville Families,


Thanks to all of the families that donated presents or gift cards to make this Holiday so wonderful for other families within the Ellisville Elementary community.  This year we had parents of staff members, previous teachers as well as the West County Bible Church join us in the giving. With the extra Walmart Gift Cards we were able to purchase turkey dinners and fixings for all of the families to make it even more special.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody for your kindness and generosity.  May your holiday break be as great as you have made theirs…


I would also like to highlight a few other acts of kindness from our Leader in Me Action Teams that meet once a month.

Friendly Faces:  Filled welcome bags for new students to Ellisville, delivered them to classrooms and made them feel like a part of our family from Day 1.  Within the last month we have welcomed 8 new students to Ellisville. 

Random Acts of Kindness:  This team collected items such as granola bars, gloves, socks, and personal hygiene items to create bags for homeless people.  Bags are kept in vehicles to hand out to people in need.  Students have created 20 bags so far and are excited to make more.  In January the RAK team is making blankets to donate to kids as they go through chemo treatments.

Animal Action Team:  The Animal Action Team has been busy brainstorming different animal causes and spear headed a collection for Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  Dog and cat toys, collars and treats were collected along with bath towels and dryer sheets.  All to support Stray Rescue and their efforts to find and rehabilitate stray pets!  Way to go Animal Action Team!

Students at Ellisville are always thinking of ways to reach out and help different causes.  Stay tuned as I highlight upcoming events. 

My wish is that everyone has a wonderful holiday break!  Create some special memories with your kiddos…they are pretty cool!  J




Allison Loy, Principal​

Dec 19
Friday Dismissal

Dear Ellisville Families:

Friday afternoon was an extremely difficult dismissal for our school, for Rockwood and for our community-at-large. I want to thank everyone involved in bringing our students home safely during a stressful time. First and foremost, our top priority stayed on keeping kids safe and warm.  I appreciate the bus drivers, parents, teachers and staff who kept focused on our students and meeting their needs.

I would like to apologize about the various technology failures in our automatic notification systems. I assure you that I’ll look into the specifics of each situation.  We want to fix the systems that failed us, as we understand that communicating with our families is vital.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me at (636) 891-6600.


Allison Loy​

Nov 16
Nightly Reading Homework: Best Practices for Parents

​Dear Parents,

If you are in need of some strategies for reading practice at night watch the brief video that offers some best practices.​


​Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!

​Allison Loy, Principal

Oct 19
We LOVE our students!!

Dear Ellisville Families,

Each year at our annual kick-off staff meeting the topic that rises to the top is always "relationships".  Relationships are viewed as one of the most important things we can do for our students.  When teachers form positive connections with students, classrooms become supportive places in which students can engage in academically and socially productive ways.  Academics are always a high priority and this year we are taking additional steps to make social/emotional wellness a high priority. 

Some things that we do to create this type of supportive environment are simple and some are more complex.  For instance, each morning you will see teachers and staff members greeting kids and getting their morning started off on a positive note!  We encourage all stakeholders in our school to do the same including our bus drivers, cafeteria workers, volunteers, etc.  Sometimes what may have been a problem in the mind of a student is alleviated by a meaningful greeting.  The Leader in Me Program supports our efforts by providing opportunities for student leadership as well as identifying a student's spark.   Problems are solved during "lead time" or class meetings held once a week where our students' voices are valued.   BEST teams are meetings with staff where specific strategies for both academic and social struggles for individual students are put into place and monitored.

As a parent you may be interested in learning more about how to navigate social/emotional learning.  The link below will take you to a website where you can investigate the five sets of competencies developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) by grade level of your child. 


We are all looking forward to seeing you at our Student-Led (1-5) Conferences next week.  Kindergarten will invite students to join in during Spring Conferences. 

Our next super fun PTO sponsored event…Trunk or Treat…will be held next Friday, October 28th, from 6:30-7:45.  Come out and join the fun!!

Have a wonderful day!

Allison Loy, Principal​

Oct 12
Random Acts of Kindness

This month in our Random Acts of Kindness action team we made signs thanking our bus drivers for keeping us safe. The action team will give them to the bus drivers next week during Bus Safety week. We also brainstormed kind things we can do for others. Each student decided to challenge themselves to do at least one kind thing for someone everyday. They will record these acts in a calendar and share with our team at our next meeting.

Acts of Kindness.JPG

We are also looking for a couple of parents that are interested in helping with the knitting, crocheting, and loom knitting action team!! Please call the office if you are interested and available for 30 minutes on each half day!!  

Have a great day!!!

Allison Loy, Principal

Sep 14
Tigers are Proactive!

Dear Parents,

As you know Ellisville is a Leader in Me School receiving Lighthouse Status in the Spring of 2015.  Periodically I will be sharing Homeside Activities with you that can reinforce the 7 Habits at home.

Habit 1:  Be Proactive “I am in Charge”.   Being proactive takes practice, and sometimes it involves changing our language.  Below are some examples of reactive vs. proactive responses.

Reactive Proactive

I can’t I will

That is wrong Let’s look at our alternatives

She made me do it I control my own feelings

This month, we are inviting you to practice using proactive language by reading the scenarios on back of the page and discussing as a family whether the person was proactive or reactive.  If the character was reactive, how could that person change his/her response to be proactive?  If the character acted proactively in the scenario, what did he/she do to show that they were in charge?

On the bottom, tell us how you as a family have been proactive in the past or plan to be proactive in the future.  Please turn in your homeside activity by Friday, September  23rd.  We will display the feedback on a bulletin board at school.   

Luke was very bored at home on a Saturday.  He kept bugging his mom to take him to the store because he was "so bored!" Nancy decided that even though he was not having a great day, she was going to stay in a positive mood.
Students were working in a group project and Allen decided that he was going to sit back and let everyone else to the hard work.  Barb did not study for her test.  She was very upset when she received a D on her test and told her mom that she was not as smart as her classmates.
Frank wanted to go to the zoo for his birthday.  He woke up on his birthday morning to rain.  Frank said that it was the worst day ever.   Jay just watched a movie about how recycling is so important.  He decided to pick up trash while he was at recess.
Think of a time when your family was proactive….. Think of a time when you or your family did not act proactively.  What can you change?

Sep 02
Come PARTNER with us.....

Dear Ellisville Parents!


Happy Friday…what a beautiful holiday weekend in store for all of us!!  I hope you have plans to get outside and enjoy the weather!

Each year the PTO runs a giving campaign in which parents are encouraged to support Ellisville's efforts by donating money!  All the money comes directly to the school and supports our teachers and your children!  We appreciate any donation amount!  Please go online today to support the READY SET GIVE! Fundraiser.  We are currently 30% to our goal of $18,000…let's SYNERGIZE to meet this goal!!   If the goal is met, the top donating class will turn Mr. Gentz and myself into ice cream sundaes by dumping their favorite toppings on us!  What fun that will be!!!  HA!

Click below to donate.


We are also asking for your TIME!!  Last year at Ellisville we started "action teams".  Action teams happen every early dismissal day from 9:30-10:05.   Students lead the activities with adults facilitating each month.  It's one more way to involve students in taking a leadership role in something they love doing.  In order to give students their first choice we need some additional hands if you are interested in any of the following please contact Lea.  The commitment is once a month (early dismissal days) for 35 minutes…please consider volunteering your time! 

Action Teams needing your help:

Technology/STEM—3 parents

Animal Club—1 parent

Dance—2 parents

Knit/Crochet/Cross Stitch—2 parents

Board Games—1 parent (We could also use board game donations)

Bulletin Boards—1 parent

Circus—2 or 3 parents


It's been a fantastic start to the 2016-2017 school year!  Have a great day!! 



Allison Loy, Principal​

Aug 19
A Successful First Week!!

August 19, 2016

Happy Friday Ellisville Families!!

It has been a wonderful first week of school!  The students all seem so happy and already into their routines!  I have been especially amazed as I visit the Kindergarten Classrooms!  They are such good listeners and hard workers!!  It is my hope that every student came home from school this week with a big smile on their face excited for the next day! 

This afternoon the students will get to meet Marshall the Miracle Dog. Marshall and his owner Cindi have visited more than 250 schools with a message to all children to be kind to themselves and others and to act with courage to put an end to bullying behavior. This program is being introduced by our GLAM  (Girls Leading and Motivating) Group.  This group is facilitated by staff but led by our 5th grade Glambassadors.  GLAM is open to girls in 4th and 5th grade. 

Tuesday, August 30th, parents are invited to attend curriculum night.  Your child's teacher will briefly cover major components of the curriculum as well as classroom expectations.  Please join us if you are available.  There will be two sessions running from 6:00-6:30 and 6:40-7:10.    

Have a wonderful weekend!  Never hesitate to reach out with celebrations, questions, or concerns.  We want to partner with our amazing school community!!


Aug 05
Welcome Back!

August 4, 2016

Dear Ellisville Families,          

Welcome back to an exciting new school year!   Summer seems to go by faster and faster each year!  I hope that you and your families had some time for relaxation and a lot of time for FUN!!  I am looking forward to the first day of school and the exciting stories that your children have to share with us!  I love seeing their smiles as they enter the building and their new classrooms for the first time.  It is also fun to watch our staff greeting each child at their doorway.  As much as we all wish summer was just a little bit longer it never appears that way on the first day of school! 

We were fortunate to hire three new teachers this summer in grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd.  This will really make a difference in our class sizes.  Rockwood attracts highly qualified candidates and I am pleased to introduce you to them. 

Kindergarten:  Ms. Alaina Hinkle

1st:  Ms. Tiffany LaRocca

3rd:  Mr. Ryan McKenzie

 Part-Time PE:  Mr. Andrew Schroeder

A big THANK YOU to all who supported the Ellisville PTO whether it be your time, talent, or donations.  Because of you our teachers received a lot of extra STEM manipulatives and materials that will enhance their teaching and your children's learning throughout the year.  Students will now have soccer goals and some musical instruments added to our playground.  Extra writing resources and professional development were provided that will enhance our FOCUS on writing instruction this year!!  We are adding a data hallway this year where each grade level will track reading achievement and so much more…Thank you in advance for all that you do this year to partner with us to make it an exceptional year for our Tigers!!  Be on the lookout for the PTO Ready Set Give! Campaign.   

We will be looking for parent volunteers to help us continue with our leadership efforts.  We have added some exciting new action teams and will be offering a new leadership event for families this fall.  Thank you for supporting our efforts with the Leader in Me Program!

In closing, it was fun to meet several of our new families at Popsicles on the Playground as well as welcome new siblings to Ellisville!  Class placement will be emailed out this Friday afternoon, August 5th.  It is always an exciting time for our community!  Thank you for supporting our efforts in this area.


Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming events!

August 10th:  Kindergarten Curriculum Night and PARENT Meeting 5:00  Ellisville Gym

August 11th:  New Family Welcome 3:45-4:30 in the Library

August 11th:   Back to School Open House 4:30-6:00—Visit your classrooms and Café for PTO Information

August 16th:   FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!

August 30th:  Curriculum Night Grades 1-5 (More information to come)

I am really looking forward to the 2016-2017 school year!!  See you at open house!  Please call the office if you have any questions at 636-891-6600!



Dr. Allison Loy


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