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Apr 21
Earth Day

earth day.jpg​​

Our Little Wildcats turned into Superheroes to save the Earth today in celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd!  Our school was decorated with recycled art thanks to our Green Team Interest Family!  Classes watched a special student created video to learn more about recycling and preserving natural resources.   Student readers read a book about Earth Day.  Throughout the classes, students shared great ideas for helping the Earth from making classroom posters to individual poetry.  Our Eureka Superheroes showed great concern and consideration in their ideas.  Ask your child about how they plan to help our Earth! 

Apr 13
Spring has Sprung!

Photo Apr 13, 12 57 09.jpgSpring has sprung throughout our Eureka School community!  Our students are enjoying the beautiful weather for outdoor learning opportunities and lovely recess days!  Many grade levels are taking field trips to learn about plants and animals and how they grow.  First grade enjoyed learning about butterfly life cycles at the Butterfly House.  They will experience this first hand as they care for baby caterpillars  and watch their transformation into butterflies in class! Our school beautification interest family added spring touches to the school with window decorations, tissue flowers and butterflies in the lobby!  Spring gives us all a renewed sense of energy and growth!

Apr 07


Next week we are hosting our Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon.  This is our way of giving a small "Thank You" to all of the amazing volunteers that support our school.  All of the time that our volunteers contribute to Eureka support student learning, community building, and fun!  Without our volunteers, we could not hold great events like STEM Day and Wildcat Bash, chaperone field trips, or provide the additional individual reading and math support.  Our volunteers donate materials and time so our students can have the best school ever!  Thanks for all you do!  We hope you can join us for lunch on Wednesday, in the library, so we can say "Thank you" in person.​

Apr 04


Our students enjoyed a fabulous STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Day on Friday.  Students of all ages were engaged in exploring and programming new forms of technology, designing engineering solutions to solve challenges, and learning more about grade level science topics.  We are fortunate that now our students have STEM experiences throughout the year, not just on STEM Day.  This was especially evident this year as our students were able to collaborate well to solve problems.  Even our kindergarteners were able to explain which step of the engineering design process they were using!   We have seen the awesome growth in the problem solving abilities and collaboration in our students!  We are looking forward to having more access to materials so we can increase these experiences. 

Mar 31
Prop T

​​​prop T.jpg

Dear Wildcat Families,


On April 4, Rockwood voters will consider Proposition T to address increasing enrollment, a new Eureka Elementary School building, and the district's continued support for STEM/Innovative learning.


Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost has been keeping our community informed via a Super Talks” series. This week, our high school students interviewed him and asked about class sizes during this time of increasing enrollment in the district.  


I encourage you to take a moment to view the video. You’ll hear about Rockwood’s preferred class sizes across the district. Plus, view the Prop T projects that will fund additional space in our schools.


A 57.14 percent majority is necessary for passage on Election Day. The $95.5 million bond issue will not raise the current Rockwood tax rate. 

As always, if you have questions, please give me a call.

Please don't forget to vote!


Thank you,


Mar 24
Student Voice

IMG_3478.JPGOur Student Lighthouse Team looked for a school issue they would like to solve.  The students decided that students argue at recess because they need more options for activities.  The Student Lighthouse Team scoured catalogs and equipment websites looking for ideas.  The team scored the equipment using a rubric that included safety, appeal to different age groups, durability, storage, and number of students.  The collaboration and discussion showed great teamwork as they narrowed their selections to meet our budget.  The team was thrilled to unpack the boxes and even more excited to play with the new equipment at recess today!  We have new basketballs, gripper footballs, soccer balls, hula hoops, and velcro catch games.  Students commented that they really enjoyed the new equipment!​​

Mar 09
Student-Led conferences

​Thanks to all of our parents for coming to conferences this week!  Our students love showcasing their work and celebrating their successes with the most important people in their lives!  I enjoyed visiting classes this week and listening to students practice what they wanted to share with their parents.  Students were eager to show new writing samples compared to the beginning of the year, explain what great readers they have become, and make plans for end of the year goals.

Celebrating success breeds more success as students build confidence, enabling them to take on more challenges!  Your support and encouragement are an important part of this equation!​

Mar 03
Trading Places

​​​​​Students were in for a big surprise when they went into PE this week.  Our technology assistant, Mrs. Otzenberger, taught the students dance class, while Coach Grace taught technology!  This collaboration supported Mrs. Otzenberger's strength as a dance coach.  The students enjoyed learning a variety of dances, ending with an entertaining freestyle.  Mrs. O and Coach Grace seemed to enjoy their special teaching assignments as much as the kids! 


Feb 24
Unmask the Super Leader in You! Be a Habit Hero!

leadership day.jpg

WOW! ​Leadership Day is one of my favorite days of the year!  From the moment the students enter, you can feel the buzz of excitement as I am greeted with, "Happy Leadership Day!" The students can't wait to tell me what they are going to share with our visitors.

This year we had a record crowd of parents who were excited to see the wonderful things happening in OUR house!  Our speaker leaders did a fantastic job of explaining how we build leadership through Interest families and practice the 7 Habits of Happy Kids with our buddy classes. During classroom visits, our students showcased how they integrate the 7 Habits in their learning, apply leadership, and take ownership in the educational process through goal setting and data tracking.  Parents left with a conversation guide to facilitate discussions about leadership and the 7 Habits with their children.

Our visitors were able to see that Eureka is full of Super Leaders! Here is a sample of our guest feedback, “I learned so many amazing things that the school is doing to promote leadership and well rounded little minds.  I was very impressed with the leaders.” “The kids were very enthusiastic.”  “I didn’t realize how much personal accountability is taught every day.” “I learned that the kids take their jobs very seriously.”  “ The kids were so happy about their jobs.  The jobs are creating children who care about each other.”  “I learned about STEM.”

Feb 17
Student Sparks!

​​IMG_3214.JPGThe fifth grade Friendship Celebrations provided a shining example of student sparks.  Students were challenged to create a container for the valentine exchange.  This open-ended challenge allowed students to build on their interests and showcase problem solving skills.  While some students started with a box, others were thinking "outside the box!"  Students used themes of special interest to themselves, including hobbies, books, movies and personal experience.  A few fun examples included Star Wars, Harry Potter, monster trucks and sharks!​
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