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Principal Blog - Lynn White
Sep 22
Our Community


The Eureka 5K Color Run was fun family event.  It is so nice to be part of an inclusive school community.  The event included everyone from  preschoolers and school-age students, to parents and grandparents.  Whether participants were walking or sprinting, they were cheered on and celebrated at the finish.  There was a sense of happiness and accomplishment as everyone returned to their cars.

We are fortunate that our children are experiencing this model of inclusiveness and support, especially during this time of unrest.  If you have not attended any of our school's family events, I would encourage you to join the community fun! 

Sep 15
You Fit Right In

buddy Sept 17.JPG

Our first buddy activity was a great time for students to get to know one another!  Buddy classes meet each early release day in the gym for a lesson and activity, including a book read by one of our speaker leaders.  Buddy grade levels rotate into the gym, K-3, 1-4, 2-5.  The students enjoyed interviewing each other to learn more about their buddy, then creating a puzzle piece about their buddy.  The puzzle pieces are proudly displayed in the hallway by the nurse's office to show how we all fit together!

A similar puzzle activity was sent home as a homeside activity for families to complete.  This is a great way to learn about the similarities and differences in your own family.  This can be displayed at home and does not need to be returned to school.​


Sep 08
Mathematical Mindset

​​math game.jpg

​Our students are learning to have a mathematical mindset!  They have learned the "power of yet!"  That means even if you don't know how to solve a problem YET, you keep working and learning strategies until you can solve it.  Students also learn to have flexible thinking.  These first graders are using flexible thinking to find different combinations of numbers that add up to nine.  Games like this help students learn math facts while having fun.  As one student described, "The games are so awesome!"

You are invited to learn more about our math curriculum at the district Parent Night on Thursday, September 14, at 6:00 in our Eureka gym.​

Sep 01
Safety is a Priority

​​​​PAWS_resized.pngSafety is a top​ priority at Eureka Elementary.  Throughout our first few weeks of​ school we have been practicing our emergency drills as a class and school wide.  Our school resource officer has been happy to visit ​us several times to get to know our Little Wildcats and observe our procedures.

I have really enjoyed visiting each class to talk about our school PAWSitive Expectations.  I love to hear the students' ideas about how to use the expectations at school and at home.  The students really enjoyed watching the student-made videos that taught lessons about the expectations.  Students also learned about all of the people that can help them when they have a problem.

This week we held our Bus Driver Breakfast.  We have an awesome group of bus drivers who are dedicated to building relationships with the students and transporting them safety to school and home.  Our bus drivers are also reinforcing our PAWSitive expectations on the bus to provide a positive environment.

Aug 25
Wonders of Childhood

eclipse blog.jpg​  I am so thankful that we were able to watch the Great American Eclipse with our students.  It was an amazing event to see, regardless of age, but even more magical to see through the eyes of a child.  It was great to hear their "oohs" and "ahs" and finally cheers when we reached totality!   The children were fully engaged, trying to explain each phase to one another, and chatting about it all day.  Our children are very lucky because they not only experienced this eclipse with their friends, but they will also experience another eclipse together when most of them are in high school!  What great memories of learning and living through an awesome event!​

Aug 18
Our First Days Together


​The first days of school are met with excitement and anticipation!  Even with 20+ years in education and 20+ years as a student, I still can't sleep the night before the first day!  Many staff members relayed the same thing, realizing we are just as excited and nervous as the students!  Our first week goals are very simple, but critically important.  We want our children to feel safe and loved at school, smile each day, and want to come back!  I wanted to give you a snapshot of what that looks like for our Little Wildcats.  Students are learning about each other through teambuilding activities.  They are making friends and rebuilding connections.  Students and teachers are building a classroom community by writing a class mission statement.  One kindergarten mom relayed that on day two, her daughter eagerly exclaimed​, "You mean I get to go back!"  Our Little Wildcat family is thriving this week!  

May 25

tug of war 1.jpg

This week I learned an important lesson about myself:   I'm not as strong as I think I am.  I first learned my lesson playing Tug of War during Field Day.  The first graders were tough, but the third graders were impossible!  It was great to have teamwork and a support system to jump in to our rescue!  

Today I learned about emotional strength.  I thought I could speak to our awesome fifth graders at graduation without tearing up.  I even handed off by bag containing tissues before the ceremony began.  I was wrong.  As soon as I looked at those smiling faces, I could feel the tears welling up.  Having known almost all these great kids since kindergarten, I have watched them blossom from shy five year olds to confident leaders.  Students who could barely say "Hi," are now speaking or singing solos in front of hundreds of people.  I am so proud of our graduates.  I have enjoyed having them at Eureka and watching them shine.  

Strength is often defined as power or toughness.  I think there is also power in letting someone know how you feel.  And even if you don't have the strength to win at Tug of War, there is power in having fun together!  ​

May 19
Winning is More than a Ribbon

IMG_4205_JPG.jpgThis week I once again felt honored to be a Little Wildcat.  I attended the fourth and fifth grade district track meet.  Our students showed great skill in their events:  winning third place overall, setting three school records, and earning numerous personal ribbons!  More importantly, I saw our students as winners of good sportsmanship.  Our students congratulated and high-fived their opponents​, whether or not they won.  The bleachers roared with cheers for the final finishers, even if they weren't from our team. Students gave each other celebratory hugs, regardless of their place of finish.  I could not have been more proud to see the good manners, empathy, and sportsmanship by our Little Wildcats.  This was the true sign of a winning team!

May 12
End of the Year Excitement

​​​​art show.jpg

The end of the school year is filled with special activities to celebrate our accomplishments and time together.  I enjoyed our students' beautiful art work at the District Art Show.  Wow, the artwork was amazing!  

Next week we gather for Kindergarten Celebration, First Grade Writing Celebration, fourth and fifth grade district Track Meet, ​​and fifth grade field trip.  

During our last week, we will enjoy Field Day and Fifth Grade Farewell and Picnic, and numerous special class activities.  

We are thankful to have this time together.  We encourage our families to join us for these exciting events!  ​​

Apr 21
Earth Day

earth day.jpg​​

Our Little Wildcats turned into Superheroes to save the Earth today in celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd!  Our school was decorated with recycled art thanks to our Green Team Interest Family!  Classes watched a special student created video to learn more about recycling and preserving natural resources.   Student readers read a book about Earth Day.  Throughout the classes, students shared great ideas for helping the Earth from making classroom posters to individual poetry.  Our Eureka Superheroes showed great concern and consideration in their ideas.  Ask your child about how they plan to help our Earth! 

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