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Principal Blog - Lynn White

May 18
Principal for the Day

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I'm Libby and I'm principal for the day and its  awesome! I love this school because we always do super fun stuff like wildcat bash, bingo, trunk or treat,  field trips and  more. All of the teachers are super nice and they let us have extra recess and prize's! Everyone here is super nice and funny! Eureka Elementary​ is the best school ever!

May 11
May Fun!

May fun.png 

May is full of fabulous activities both inside and outside!  Thanks to our PTO for a ​fun-filled Wildcat Bash carnival.  We had great family attendance to play on this beautiful spring evening.

Our fourth grade students enjoyed the nice weather by practicing their recorders outdoors during music class.

Our students and teachers explored everything from insects to volcanos with new Google augmented reality technology.  It was fascinating to get up close and personal with things we may otherwise never experience.​​

Apr 27
Eureka Elementary is in Bloom!

blooming tree.jpg

Spring has finally arrived in Eureka!  Our flowers are blooming and the weather is beautiful.  Spring is also the time that we can really see how much our children have bloomed this year!  It is amazing to hear kindergartners reading books independently or listening to the deep thinking and problem solving of our fifth graders.  One of my favorite things is to watch the shock of our kindergarten and first grade students as they look at their own writing from the beginning of the year compared to now.  They can't believe how much better they have gotten!  Sometimes when we are close to our kids everyday, it is hard to see the incremental changes.  Spring is a great time to look back, reflect on the growth, and celebrate these accomplishments!​

Apr 20
Earth Day

earth day display.jpg

Thank you to our Green Team Interest Family for creating a recycled display to celebrate Earth Day!  The "earth" was made from painted recycled materials.  The Green Team members decorated themselves cut from recycled newspaper to circle the earth.  During their interest family, they have discussed ways to reduce waste and recycle goods to support a cleaner environment.

The Green Team started a successful No Straw Challenge this year.​  They are very proud of their efforts as they reduced straw usage by 56% over the course of the school year!  Way to go Little Wildcats!

Apr 13
Eureka Pride

groundbreaking collage.png

Wednesday was such a special day for Eureka!  Celebrating the Groundbreaking of our new school with our students, staff, and community members was a joyous occasion!  We had so much fun recalling memories, singing, and finally digging in the dirt with our student-decorated shovels.   Our Eureka pride was showing strong!  We are looking forward to watching the construction progress over the next year.

Apr 06
Playing with Food?

STEM food.png

It looks like our third graders are playing with food in science class, but they are really engaged in learning about animal adaptations.  Students used various tools to simulate different types of birds' beaks as they experimented with gathering bird food, such as fish, rabbits, worms, seeds, and nectar.  The students learned why birds have different types of beaks to meet their dietary needs through a fun and engaging lesson!​

Mar 23
Our Four-Legged Reader

Reading dog.jpg

Mrs. Winegardner's​ second grade class was excited to welcome a new "student" this week!  Grace, the Reading Support Dog, and her handler will be visiting the class every two weeks to encourage student reading.  Grace will listen to students read and enjoy some friendly petting.  Grace also works as a touch therapy dog for senior citizens.

Mar 08
Reading Week

reading week.png

This week we are enjoying many special activities to celebrate our love of reading!  Our reading teachers planned special assemblies from the Imaginary Theater ​Company for primary and intermediate classes to bring favorite stories to life.  Thanks to our fabulous PTO for funding these great assemblies!  The Wildcat Spirit Interest Family planned Dr. Seuss themed trivia and spirit days in honor of his birthday.  The prizes were Dr. Seuss books.  Our librarian, Mrs. Courtney is hosting a March Madness book contest of student favorites.  There is even a mini-March Madness for our younger readers.  We are looking forward to finding out the favorite Eureka books!  All of these activities are designed to spark interest in reading new books and finding the joy in reading!​ ​

Mar 02
Student-Led Conferences

Parent-TeacherConference.jpgAs a Leader in Me school, our students have learned a lot about setting goals, taking ownership for their learning and being leaders.  The students are also practiced in communication skills, maintaining an organized leadership binder, and articulating their strengths, growth areas, and celebrations.  We are excited to provide the students with an opportunity to show off their skills during student-led conferences next week.   During student-led conferences, you will have time to collaborate with your children and their teachers on strategies to reach current goals, review data, and celebrate achievements.  We are looking forward to seeing you next week!

Feb 23
School Safety

Keegan safety talk.jpg

We take school safety very seriously at Eureka.  We have a crisis team and crisis plans in place for all types of emergencies.  We regularly practice our plans to keep them fresh.  In addition to our standard drills, we collaborate with law enforcement to create scenarios for our staff to think through and discuss.  In addition to preparing staff, we teach students in developmentally appropriate ways.  In the photo you can see an older student who provides weekly safety tips for our kindergarten classes.  You can support your children at home by reassuring them of their safety and talking through plans.  The following link includes tips for these difficult conversations from the National Association of School Psychologists.

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