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Nov 16
Parent Involvement

Today is National Parent Involvement Day!  We encourage our families to get involved at Eureka Elementary in a variety of ways including classroom support, volunteering for PTO events, chaperoning field trips​, attending school events, and supporting your child's learning.  

Parents can get involved in daily learning through student leadership notebooks.  These notebooks serve as an invaluable tool for communication between school and home.  Students showcase their interests, leadership, and celebrations in their notebooks.  The notebooks have a special section for individual student goals and data tracking.  This is a great conversation starter as you ask your children what strategies they are practicing to reach their goals.  The leadership notebooks allow students to organize themselves, take ownership of their learning, and celebrate their progress.  The next time you check the leadership notebook, ask your child to show you something he is proud of.  Celebrations are more fun when they are shared!​

Nov 10
Veteran's Day Celebration

veterans day Hicks.jpg

Veterans day Erlandson.jpg

Today was a fabulous day!  We had the opportunity to honor the great men and women who served our country during our Veteran's Day Celebration.  It is so important that we serve as models for our children showing the respect we have for our country and those who served.  

Our students sang patriotic songs, read poems, viewed pictures of our service men and women, presented our Veteran's with a token of appreciation, and shared breakfast with them to learn more about their service.  We hope our Veterans felt honored by our celebration!​

Nov 03
Green Team Challenge

green team audit.JPG

Our Green Team Interest Family chose to participate in the Green Schools Quest.  They voted on a challenge to recycle and reduce cafeteria waste.  With the help of a Green Schools Quest volunteer, our Green Team members conducted an audit of our milk carton and straw trash.  This will be our baseline data for the challenge.  I can't wait to give you updates on our school​ progress!

Oct 26
Parent Partnership

conferece Delia.jpg

It was great to see our parents, teachers, students, (and even siblings) collaborating to support learning during conferences!  By sharing ideas and strategies, our partnership strengthens​ to benefit our students.  There were many smiles and celebrations as students reached goals and made plans for continued growth!

Oct 20
Grandparents Day

grandparents 2.jpg

grandparents day.jpg

We had an overwhelming turn out for Grandparents Day this morning!  While parking and hallway logistics were troublesome at the start, once our children and grandparents were in classrooms it was all smiles!  It was fun to see our students proudly showing off their teachers and classrooms or reading to their grandparents.  Our guests were eager to tell the children about their own schools and how their classrooms looked when they were kids.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful, supportive family community.  We have already been brainstorming ideas to improve the flow of Grandparents Day​​​ for next year!

Oct 13
Trunk or Treat

trunk or treat.JPG

Friday night we enjoyed a fun, fall family event with our new Trunk or Treat!  I love how our wonderful parent volunteers create inexpensive, family-friendly events that are engaging for a wide range of people.  Trunk or Treat was a great example of families enjoying time together and meeting friends, while children were parading, dancing to the DJ, and collecting candy!  Some families described it as our best event!  I would have to agree that it was a lot of fun!​

Oct 06
Sharpen the Saw
habit 7 Madison2.jpg

It's important to take time for yourself to rest and get rejuvenated.​   We use Habit 7, Sharpen the Saw, to put balance in our lives.  Our fifth grade students had lots of great ideas to take care of their mind, heart, body, and soul.  They do things like read, journal, play, exercise, help others, sleep, and eat healthy foods.  How do you Sharpen the Saw at home?

Sep 29
Goal Setting


This darling little face is Louise, my new puppy! She joined my family and took control of my life this week.  Everyone warned me that adopting a puppy was a lot like having a baby.  I agree that the middle of the night cries and need for constant supervision are similar.  However, my goals and dreams for Louise are a lot different than those for my children.  I strive for my daughters to be continuous learners, be kind, and take care of others and their world.  My goals for Louise are only to be kind to people and other animals, and hopefully learn to go to the bathroom in an appropriate place!  I teach my daughters to be independent, yet collaborative, while Louise will always be dependent on our family.  I want my daughters to be creative thinkers, but I wish Louise would stop being creative in what she's thinks is a chew toy and stick to the dog toys.  ​The best part is that puppies and children both bring the joy of playful energy and loving snuggles at the end of the day!

Sep 22
Our Community


The Eureka 5K Color Run was fun family event.  It is so nice to be part of an inclusive school community.  The event included everyone from  preschoolers and school-age students, to parents and grandparents.  Whether participants were walking or sprinting, they were cheered on and celebrated at the finish.  There was a sense of happiness and accomplishment as everyone returned to their cars.

We are fortunate that our children are experiencing this model of inclusiveness and support, especially during this time of unrest.  If you have not attended any of our school's family events, I would encourage you to join the community fun! 

Sep 15
You Fit Right In

buddy Sept 17.JPG

Our first buddy activity was a great time for students to get to know one another!  Buddy classes meet each early release day in the gym for a lesson and activity, including a book read by one of our speaker leaders.  Buddy grade levels rotate into the gym, K-3, 1-4, 2-5.  The students enjoyed interviewing each other to learn more about their buddy, then creating a puzzle piece about their buddy.  The puzzle pieces are proudly displayed in the hallway by the nurse's office to show how we all fit together!

A similar puzzle activity was sent home as a homeside activity for families to complete.  This is a great way to learn about the similarities and differences in your own family.  This can be displayed at home and does not need to be returned to school.​


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