Fairway Elementary
A National Blue Ribbon and Missouri Gold Star School
480 Old Fairway Drive, Wildwood, MO 63040
Phone (636) 733-4175
Fax (636) 733-8855
First Grade

​​​​​​​​We’re happy that you are a part of our Fairway Family. We are a "Caring School Community" where children love learning and teachers love teaching!

Helpful Information

Communication: The First Grade team en​courages parents to contact them if they have a question or concern. Please note the directory on the right that includes phone numbers, email addresses and links to teacher websites.

Infinite Campus: Learn about Infinite Campus where you can view your student’s report cards. Parents, please be sure you establish an Infinite Campus Parent Portal account that will connect you to your child’s academic progress.

Curriculum: Our focus for all students to achieve ​and succeed in the classroom. View the curriculum​ by subject matter on the Rockwood curriculum website.

Character Education: In our classrooms character education is an important part of the curriculum.

 Contact Information



http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CeshelmanjessicaJESSICAESHELMANGrade 1636-733-4175 x40108eshelmanjessica@rsdmo.orghttps://staff.rsdmo.org/eshelmanjessica
http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CmuellercrystalCRYSTALMUELLERGrade 1636-733-4175 x40106muellercrystal@rsdmo.org
http://rsdmo.org/directory/Person.aspx?accountname=RCWD%5CwindlerleslieLESLIEWINDLERGrade 1636-733-4175 x40105windlerleslie@rsdmo.org