Fairway Elementary
A National Blue Ribbon and Missouri Gold Star School
480 Old Fairway Drive, Wildwood, MO 63040
Phone 636-733-4175 . Fax 636-733-8856
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Policies and Procedures

​​Library Hours

8:50 - 4:00 Monday through Friday

Flexible Library Schedule

The library's schedule is put up two weeks in advance. Teachers sign up for the days and times they would like to come. They are free to come as often as needed and for as long as is needed.  There is no "set" schedule. Teachers collaborate with the library media specialist on lessons taught.

Flexible Library Access

The library provides students with flexible access. Students are free to come to the library everyday provided they have teacher permission. The library opens at 8:50​.

Check Out

  • Kindergarten students are limited to 1 book at a time. Books check out for 1 week.  Check the inside cover of the book to find the due date. This will change later in the school year when the kindergarten teachers decide.
  • All other grades may check out 5 books at a time.  2 - 3 of the books will be staying at school in their book boxes and must be at their instructional reading level. The remainder of the books may be taken home and do not need to be on their instructional reading level. Students have access to the library every day.  The books check out for 2 weeks. Check the inside cover of the book to find the due date.
  • Students are responsible for the items that they check out. We do not charge fines, but we do ask students to return books promptly. If they need a book for a longer period of time, they may renew them. Students are required to pay for books that are lost or damaged. 



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