Fairway Elementary
A National Blue Ribbon and Missouri Gold Star School
480 Old Fairway Drive, Wildwood, MO 63040
Phone 636-733-4175 . Fax 636-733-8856
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Guidance and Counseling

​​​​​​​​​​​Mission Statement:
All students will be valued and provided results-based instruction in the areas of Career, Academic, and Personal Social Development, through a comprehensive guidance program, as they acquire skills, abilities and attitudes that empower them to be lifelong contributing members of society.

Our guidance and counseling program includes:

  1. CURRICULUM consists of classroom lessons and large group presentations
  2. INDIVIDUAL PLANNING consists of activities that help all students plan, monitor, and manage their own learning as well as their personal and career development.                   
  3. RESPONSIVE SERVICES consists of activities to meet immediate needs and concerns of students.
  4. SYSTEM SUPPORT consists of management activities that establish, maintain, and enhance the total guidance program.

Guidance and counseling are an important part of Fairway's total education program.  The counselor is here for all of our students.  The counseling program is designed to help all students acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to become successful learners.

The Counselors role is....

  • To provide short-term individual counseling
  • To facilitate small group counseling
  • To facilitate referrals to Rockwood's Gifted Program
  • To coordinate CARE TEAM meetings
  • To facilitate referrals for Special Education
  • To teach guidance lessons in all classrooms
  • To conference with teachers and students
  • To interpret individual student test results