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Mar 05
More Prop T Information!

​Dear Fairway Families, 

Rockwood consistently balances its budget and works hard to be fiscally responsible. In fact, we are one of only four school districts in Missouri to earn a AAA rating from Standard & Poor’s for this high level of financial responsibility.

Now, we are aware of 2,300 new homes being built in the district in the coming years. These projections of increases in student enrollment led district officials to review current capacity in our schools. We evaluated how much space is available in each school – realizing the calculations are different at the elementary, middle and high school levels. We also considered our curriculum and the learning spaces needed to meet the needs of instruction. 

During the last few years, the district has made a concentrated effort to decrease elementary class sizes. Our preferred Rockwood class sizes have made a difference in our school as we move toward the state’s desirable class size numbers.

In the latest edition of Super Talks with our Rockwood Superintendent, Dr. Eric Knost provides an overview of Prop T. The bond issue will address increasing enrollment and our continued support for STEM/Innovative learning.  Prop T is a $95.5 million bond issue that will not raise the current Rockwood tax rate. 

Learn more about Prop T on the April 4 ballot.

Thank you!

Dr. Lorinda Krey

Feb 20
Prop T Information!

​​Dear Fairway Eagles Community,

I wanted to share that our Board of Education recently voted to place a bond issue on the April 4 ballot. Rockwood voters will consider Proposition T (Thrive) to address increasing enrollment and our continued support for STEM/Innovative learning. Prop T will not alter the current Rockwood tax rate.

Funds from Prop T will build a new elementary school in Rockwood.  The last time Rockwood built a school was in 2004 in response to growth in the Wildwood area when we built Fairway Elementary School.

We are again experiencing increases to student enrollment. According to Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost, about 2,300 homes are expected to be built in the district in the next five years. Projections of increases in student enrollment led district officials to review current capacity in our schools. We evaluated how much space is available in each school. We also considered our curriculum and the learning spaces needed to meet the needs of instruction.

During the last few years, the district has made a concentrated effort to decrease class sizes at the elementary levels. Our preferred Rockwood class sizes have made a difference in our elementary schools as we move toward the state’s desirable class size numbers. Here is a quick overview of the projects funded by Prop T:

Class Sizes

  • build a new element​ary school in Eureka to address increased student enrollment

  • repurpose the existing school for early childhood education and RSD programs

  • add classrooms to schools to address increased student enrollment

Innovative Learning

  • create and equip innovative learning spaces in our elementary schools to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in our curriculum

  • complete the final phase of high school STEM lab renovations​

  • expand the implementation of the one-to-one student/technology program

The $95.5 million bond issue requires a four-sevenths (57.14 percent) majority for passage on April 4. I’ll continue to share more information about the bond issue in the coming weeks.  You can always contact me with questions or visit the Prop T website for more information. 

Nov 27
Congratulations Fairway Eagles!

​​​​​I am so proud to highlight the amazing accomplishments of the following Fairway Eagles:

​We congratulate our 4th and 5th grade MCTM Math Team and their coach, Ms. Kara Jackson, on making it to the next round of math competition!

mctm team.jpg

A huge congratulations also to our Fairway Robotics team, "The Eaglebots," who won the ACE award and Best Core Value award during the First Lego League (FLL) Robotics competition; and are now headed to the Eastern Missouri Championship round! Proud coaches are Fairway parents, Ed Wizeman and Murtuza Shakeel. 

robotics team.jpg

We are so proud of our Fairway Eagles and their many accomplishments! If you have any "congratulations" or proud moments to share with the Fairway community, please send them to Mrs. Krey at:  kreylorinda@rsdmo.org

Oct 23
Governor Jay Nixon Visited Fairway!

​This past week was just incredible! 

There are no words to express the genuine pride that was felt throughout our building on Thursday during Governor Jay Nixon's visit. The compliments from the Governor, his staff, Dr. Knost, and Rockwood school officials were numerous and sincere. Besides the high academic achievement that we are being recognized for; the most special part of the feedback was that it centered around one common theme: they could FEEL that this was the most LOVING and CARING school environment from the moment they walked through the front door. In fact, at one point during our conversation, Governor Nixon looked at Dr. Knost and myself and said (incredulously,) "How do you get this kind of atmosphere?" He went on to tell us that throughout his time as the Governor of Missouri he has visited many schools, and there are some schools that really stand out, where he can feel a palpable sense of family- and he felt just that while at Fairway Elementary this past Thursday!

How wonderful that all of us get to experience that "family feeling" every single day here at Fairway! Thank you for your ongoing partnership in providing the best possible education for our Fairway Eagles. A sincere "Congratulations" to each of you for your contributions to Fairway's distinguished awards!​


Lorinda Krey

Aug 28
Exciting Updates for the New Fairway Bistro!

​​​Our Fairway Eagles Love the New Fairway Bistro!

Besides the physical improvements of our new cafeteria, students are also enjoying the updated procedures and processes that we have in place to ensure a positive and efficient lunch time!​

"I love the new cafeteria changes because it's quieter and cleaner. I think we pick up our trash better, because we like our new cafeteria." 

~ 3rd Grade Girl

"I like the way we are doing things this year, because I used to eat by myself last year, and now that we sit with our class, I know that I will have at least four or five people at my table that I can talk to."

~ 5th Grade Boy

Much thought and research went into our new cafeteria procedures. Students and staff are so appreciative of the organization and structure of our new practices. As I continue to meet with all classrooms, I share the same message that if students wish to obtain a "free sit" environment every day in the new Fairway Bistro, that they can attain that with excellent behavior and character!

Thank you so much for all of the positive messages and feedback regarding these improvements. As will always be the case, if you have any questions or concerns, I would love to meet with you! Please do not hesitate to contact me!


​Mrs. Lorinda Krey



Aug 28
Rockwood Curriculum Website!

​​Our Curriculum Nights Were a HUGE Success!

​If you were not able to attend our Curriculum Night, you can learn more about your child's curriculum and learning this year by visiting Rockwood's public curriculum website at: 

Rockwood Curriculum Website for Parents

As always, if you have any questions or concerns about our curriculum and instruction, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Most sincerely,

Mrs. Lorinda Krey

Aug 21
Welcome Back to School!

​​​​We couldn't be more excited to welcome our Fairway Eagles back!

​I hope you had a wonderful summer enjoying family time, sunshine, and happiness! There were many people hard at work here at Fairway over the summer. From our dedicated custodians to our Adventure Club staff to our PTO Executive Board members- Fairway received many fresh improvements for our students to come back to! Hopefully you noticed many of these improvements during the Meet the Teacher Night Open House:

  • new ​rock landscaping at the front entrance
  • beautiful new PTO bulletin board in the main lobby
  • fresh paint in the hallways and bathrooms
  • ​new cafe mural and bistro tables
  • ​new library shelves and arrangement
  • new "Lost and Found" racks
  • refreshed look in the front lobby
  • reorganized and renumbered the entire building
If you couldn't join us for the Meet the Teacher Night, you have another opportunity to come visit Fairway, see all of these wonderful improvements, and learn about your child's curriculum for this school year!

I'm excited to invite you to our Curriculum Nights this week! Please note the following days/times for each grade level. We hope that this new format will allow parents to attend all grade levels' Curriculum Nights!

Wednesday, August 24:
  • ​5:00-5:20 PM:  Kindergarten
  • 5:30-5:50 PM:  1st Grade
  • ​6:00-6:20 PM:  2nd Grade
Thursday, August 25:
  • ​5:00-5:20 PM:  3rd Grade
  • 5:30-5:50 PM:  4th Grade
  • 6:00-6:20 PM:  5th Grade
Locations for each grade level's presentation will be displayed in the front lobby. Additionally, our Special Area Teachers and PTO representatives will be at tables in the front lobby on each evening to answer any questions you might have!

We have had a tremendous and very successful start to our new school year, and we can't wait to share curriculum information with you this week at our Curriculum Nights!

As is always the case, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you for sharing your precious children with us! It's going to be a FANTASTIC year!

Most sincerely,

​​Mrs. Lorinda Krey
Apr 03
2016-2017 Student Placement Information

​​​Student Learning ​Profile Form Now Available!

​​​​​Dear Fairway Parents,

As we develop our class lists for the upcoming school year, we welcome pertinent ​information regarding your child’s learning profile. ​The input you provide is just one of many factors used in determining the best class placement for your child. At Fairway, our student placement process is a thorough, comprehensive and deeply thoughtful approach. The information you provide is confidential and will only be viewed by the administrative team, who will be present at all placement meetings. Submitting this form is optional, but if you choose to do so, please complete a separate form for each child in your family. 

While the Information you submit will be used as part of our placement process, all final decisions about student placement will be determined by our Fairway staff and the administrative team. 

All parent input must be communicated through this form. This means: personal conversations with teachers, email communication, etc. will NOT be considered during the placement process. This form will be emailed out and can also be found on the Fairway website.

Finally, and most importantly: Due to fluctuations in enrollment and changes in staffing assignments, please DO NOT request a specific teacher. (This includes indicating a teacher by gender, writing identifiable hints, etc.) Forms that contain any of those comments will NOT be considered in the placement process. We thank you for your understanding and appreciation of our exemplary teaching staff!


If you have any questions regarding the student placement process, please contact me directly. Thank you!

16-17 Parent Student Learning Profile.pdf

Most sincerely,
Lorinda Krey; Principal

Mar 20
Way to go, Lauren Beiermann!

​​​Please join me in thanking one AMAZING 1st Grader!

​Lauren Beiermann from Mrs. Johnson's 1st Grade classroom recently collected canned goods and helped parent volunteers stock the "Got Your Backpack" food pantry shelves and even helped pack the bags! We are so proud of you, Lauren! What a leader!

​​Final Lauren.jpg

Mar 20
Congratulations to Pack 304 on the Pinewood Derby!

​​We are so proud to announce the following results of the Pinewood Derby:

Garrett Balk placed Top 25 (5th Grade)
Peter Himstedt placed Top 50 (4th Grade)
Zachary Binder placed Top 50 (2nd Grade)
Drew Elbert placed Top 100 (5th Grade)
Will Cowell placed 2nd in Design (5th Grade)

​Honorable Participants:​
Jacob Binder - (4th Grade)
Leonard Tocco - (4th Grade)​
Stephen Banton - (4th Grade)​

Congratulations to all of our Fairway Eagles!

Peter H Garrett B.jpg
drew elbert.jpg
Will Cowell.jpg
zach binder.jpg

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