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Principal - Dr. Mary Kleekamp

May 21
Congratulations on another successful school year!

Congratulations on another successful school year!  I'm so proud of the various accomplishments we have made together.  This year was marked by the completion of our new library and kindergarten wing.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the newly-built and renovated spaces that truly reflect the amazing students and community we serve.  

I commend our talented Geggie Staff for their commitment in ensuring these memorable activities are enjoyed by students and families alike.  I appreciate their dedication and service to Geggie Elementary and to the Rockwood School District.  I thank them personally for Embracing, Empowering, and Engaging all students.   

We recognize our PTO, Niki Nenninger, Jill Benoist, Lynn Swaykus, Kristen Gielow, Alyson Boyle, Katie Clarrey, Michelle Pippett, Jennifer Hoerchler, Paula Kaisin, Deb Michaels, Karen Reed, Kasey Kaiser, Jolene Laughlin, Jenny Mead, and Sara Royal, for an amazing year of FUN-raisers.  With their leadership and your support we were able to secure funding to purchase new furniture for our library, 3 outdoor basketball hoops, and a bike rack, just to name a few. 

Again, I thank you for your partnership and opportunity to be inspired by your children!  We hope you have a very happy and safe summer!

May 13
Assistant Principal for a Day

Abby Hollaway was this year's "Assistant Principal for a Day" Silent Auction Winner.  She began her busy day on May 13 by greeting students and staff as they arrived at school and visited classrooms.  Mr. Hannon and Abby's official step count was 13,556 steps or 6.21 miles!  She helped during lunch times, opening juice and milk boxes; ate her lunch outside with Mr. Hannon at the picnic tables.

The Assistant Principal for a Day experience is a valuable learning opportunity for children. We all know that every moment is a teaching moment and sometimes we forget that we, too, can be taught.

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May 06
Principal for a Day

​Lucus Johns (fifth grade); Lylah Johns (third grade); and Lexi Johns (first grade) were this year's Silent Auction Winner.  They had an exciting day of being Geggie's Principal of the day May 3!  They started the day by greeting students as they arrived at school alongside Dr. Kleekamp.   Lucus, Lylah and Lexi helped supervise various recesses, lunch times, and were. very busy helping to make sure that the day ran smoothly.  What a wonderful experience!

Apr 30
Silent Auction - Secretary for a Day

Giada Laughlin (third grade) was a secretary for two afternoons working alongside Mrs. Rankins (secretary in the Geggie office).  Giada was a great helper assisting with year-end book inventory and various other duties; and enjoyed a new learning experience.  

Apr 30
Teacher for a Day - Miss Rickles

Hayden Rickles (2nd grade) was "Teacher for a Day" in Mrs. Hubbard's class, Arpil 18.   She enjoyed reading to the class, working on Earth Day plans, sharing this information with her classmates, and writing with the class about Earth Day.  Hayden had the privilege of eating her lunch with the teachers in the lounge. 

Apr 30
Infinite Campus Access

You can view census information and report cards on Infinite Campus.  If there is any change that needs to be made to your child’s information (new phone number, email address, etc.) or if you have not signed up for your Infinite Campus access code, please stop by the school office.

Apr 23
Congratulations Grace and CJ!
Congratulations to Grace Cox and CJ Weatherby for being selected to sing in Missouri Choral Directors Association 4-5-6 Honor Choir!!  These two 5th graders, who are members of Geggie Chorus, learned a melodic line in Latin and rehearsed with practice tracks outside of school.  They recorded an audition with Mrs. Schaefferkoetter and submitted their audition in March.  They will rehearse during the summer and on July 17 will join the other singers from around the state for an all-day rehearsal.  A concert will be given at 5:30 pm that same evening at the Capitol Plaza in Jefferson City.  The concert is free and all are welcome.  Congratulations to Grace and CJ!!  You will represent Geggie well!

Apr 15
Volunteers Have Hearts of Gold!

On behalf of your child and Geggie Elementary, we thank you for your ongoing support and for making this year very special! 

Our school is fortunate to have you volunteer in and outside the classroom. Your time, talent, and positivity contributes to providing a successful year of learning. 

You are an invaluable member of our TEAM.   A Heartfelt Thank You!

Mar 26
MAP Testing

​MAP Testing for grades 3-5 is just around the corner!  Third and fourth grades will test between April 17-26, fifth grade between April 17-May 1.  Please make sure your child gets lots of sleep and eats a healthy breakfast to prepare for these important tests.  If you have additional questions about the test at your child's grade level, please email your child's teacher.  

I want you to know that our school is prepared for State testing:

Our testing environment: We will have MAP assessment areas where banks of computers will be available for students.  In most instances, our students will be able to use their own classroom computers during the assessments.

How can you help your child succeed on these tests?

  • Attend - Make sure your child is in school on the testing dates.
  • Rest - Have your child get a good night's sleep.
  • Good nutrition - Give your child a healthy breakfast to start the day.

What should you tell your child about the MAP test?

  • Try - Do your best.  Some of the questions may seem hard, but keep trying and don't give up.
  • Listen - Listen to or carefully read the testing directions.  If you don't understand, ask the teacher to explain them.
  • Show - Help your child understand the MAP provides the chance to show what he or she knows about a subject.
  • Relax - Reassure your child. Children who are calm and sure of themselves do better.

IMPORTANT:  Grades 3-5 students will need to bring in their own INEXPENSIVE EAR BUDS OR HEADPHONES from home (with their name on them) for MAP Testing!  If your child will need to borrow headphones, please let their teacher know!

Mar 26
STAR Assessments at Geggie

The STAR assessments at Geggie will be administered to students in Reading and Math the week of April 1-12. These short, computer-adaptive tests provide teachers, students, and parents fast feedback in a variety of areas including word knowledge and skills, comprehension strategies, literary text analysis, numbers and operations, and more.

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