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  • Changes for Next School Year

    ​This week the CCL is going to show a video to kindergarten through fourth grade showing changes that are going to happen for the upcoming school year. We would like for you to watch ​the video so...

  • PTO Gifted Ed Awards

    The ​PTO Gifted Education Award is awarded to individuals that have made a significant contribution to gifted education. Congratulations to the following:Debbie AlbertKaty DavisSherry FrittsAllison...

  • 2019 Fifth Grade Send-Off Picnic

    Fifth Grade Parents:We would like to celebrate the time the fifth graders have spent at the CCL and the friendships they have made.  On the last week of CCL class, May 13-17, we will have...

  • Experience CCL Week and Book Fair 2019

    Experience CCL Week and PTO Book Fair is April 9-12 & 15, 2019We invite parents, teachers, and administrators to visit the Center for Creative Learning during the week of April 9-12 & 15, 2019....

  • 2019-2020 Schedule Update

    Did you know that the CCL attendance days will be changing next year?To learn more about it click here. ​This information can be found by clicking on the Parent Information tab at the...
Rockwood Board of Education Awards Ceremony
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