Rockwood Gifted Program
265 Old State Road, Ellisville, MO 63021
Phone (636) 891-6550
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Available Services

Elementary School:  Students in kindergarten – fifth grade in need of gifted services are offered a variety of acceleration opportunities in the classroom, including subject-matter acceleration and grade skipping.  In addition, the Center for Creative Learning offers students instruction from teachers who specialize in gifted education. Learn more about gifted services for elementary students.

Middle School: Academic Stretch is the middle school component of Rockwood’s gifted education program.  This course offers advanced curriculum that focuses on real-world challenges and encourages creative thinking and problem solving. Learn more about gifted services for middle school students.

High School: Rockwood high schools offer Advanced Placement and honors-level courses for students.  The gifted resource teacher model provides support for learners identified in need of gifted counseling services. Learn more about gifted services for high school students.