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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aesop is an automated service that greatly simplifies and streamlines the process of recording and managing absences and finding substitutes. The Aesop service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via internet and phone.

Aesop gives you two options for entering absences, reviewing past absences and requesting substitutes:​

  • By phone at 1-800-942-376​7.
  • Online at​.
    Using Aesop on the internet allows you to perform the same functions available over the phone ​​system, at your convenience
You will receive an email when the job is filled or if a change has been made to the job.

Forgot your PIN? Click on the "Forgot your login" button on the Aesop login page.​

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to use a certain internet browser to use Aesop Online?
    ​No, most internet browsers will work when using Aesop Online. The most common browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.​
  • Do I have to register in order to use Aesop?
    No. Aesop provided a computer generated voice for you. You can choose to re-record in your voice. You can call 1-800-942-3767 and press 5 to change your personal ​​information.​
  • Do I have to register every time I call in?
    ​No. You are automatically registered into the system.
  • Can I assign or request a particular substitute, and if so, how?
    You can request a particular subsitute. When creating the job, click on "Create Absence & Assign Sub" to search for your preferred substitute.
  • Do I need to remember my job number?
    ​​Yes. The job number is your confirmation that Aesop has accepted your absence. You will also need this number if you need to cancel the absence.
  • Will I have the same job number for all my absences?
    ​No. Every new absence reported receives its own job number.
  • If I am going to be absent for several days in a row, do I have to enter a new absence for each?
    ​No. You will be able to create one absence and select the days and times which you will be absent.
  • What is my deadline to create an absence?
    ​Absences must be created one hour prior to the start of the abs​ence.
  • What is my deadline to cancel an absence?
    A​bsences must be canceled two hours prior to the start of the absence.

 How can we help you?

Do you have questions about the Aesop system? Are you having trouble registering? Contact us! 

Evelyn Mayer
Subtitute Facilitator
Phone (636) 733-2044
Send Evelyn an email

Stacy Neely
Coordinator of Human Resources
Phone (636) 733-2040
Send ​Stacy an email​

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