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Accelerated Reader

We use Renaissance Place which includes an online version of Accelerated Reader.  Our students have access to all AR quizzes that are available.  Thank you to PSO for funding Renaissance Place.

Home Connect

You can view your child's progress toward AR goals and the quizzes taken by visiting AR Home Connect.  There is also a feature which allows you to receive emails when your child takes a quiz.  Use your child's AR username and password from school.

Accelerated Reader Goals:

Students who reach 50% and 100% of their point goal while maintaining an accuracy of 85% will put their name on the the AR castle and be recognized at quarterly assemblies.  Those students who achieve at least 50% or 100% ALL year will be invited to special end-of-the-year celebrations in May.

When viewing your child's goals, keep in mind that they are three important parts:

  • % of questions correct (this should be 85% or higher).  This is an indication of whether your child is choosing books that are too hard for him.
  • % of point goal achieved (there are set by the classroom teacher after conferencing with each child.)
  • Average book level--this can be used to determine if your child is choosing books which are too easy or too hard for him.