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Sep 28
Drunk-U-Drama October 2, 2015

​On Friday, October 2, 2015, LHS will be partnering with Metro West to participate in a Drunk-U-Drama.  Students will witness an "accident"  involving drinking and driving and the aftermath that ensues.  Please join us if you can make it from 9:15-10:30.  Students in grades 10,11, and 12 can pick up a pass to attend.  The following is a letter sent home to students who wish to participate.




September 22, 2015

Dear Parents,

On Friday October 2,  2015 the Metro West Fire Protection District in cooperation with Lafayette High School and the St. Louis County Police Department, Wildwood Precinct will present a demonstration on the adverse effects of underage drinking to the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes.


The demonstration will be a simulated crash between two vehicles.  One vehicle will have a teenage driver under the influence of alcohol.  The participating students will have "Hollywood" type makeup to add to the realism and drama for impact. One participant will be a fatality the others will have face and arm injuries. 


Following the demonstration a roundtable discussion will take place allowing students to discuss how this impacts their lives.  In addition, several of my staff will be present to discuss this situation in greater detail.  I would encourage you to ask your student about the demonstration on Tuesday evening.  This provides a good opportunity for you and your family to discuss all safety issues regarding homecoming.     


If you have any questions related to this demonstration please contact us at 636.458.2100.  When you call please ask to speak with Michael Thiemann at extension 118.      


Thank you in advanced for your time and dedication to the safety of your students.  Rest assured that we are equally as concerned and hope that this makes a positive impact.





Mike Krause

Chief of Fire & EMS Services

Metro West Fire Protection District                         ​

Sep 17
Speaker Series-Thursday September 17

​Hello!  I hope that you will consider attentending the first event in our Speaker Series at LHS.  The topic is mental health