LaSalle Springs Middle
A National and Missouri School of Character
3300 Highway 109, Wildwood, MO 63038
Phone 636-733-4200 . Fax 636-733-8834
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Staff Directory


 Administration Middle School636-733-4200 Middle Sch Assistant636-733-4200 Middle Sch Assistant636-733-4200

 School Counseling

 Support Staff Monitor636-733-4200

 Teachers Language Arts8th Grade Explorers636-733-4200 Language Math8th Grade Explorers636-733-4200 x41810barsantikatherine@rsdmo.org Vocal Music Teacher636-733-3175 Vocal Music Teacher636-891-6850 Language Arts8TH GRADE EXPLORERS636-733-4200 Math6th Grade Seeker636-733-4200 Science7th Grade Dream636-733-4200 x41406cramernicole@rsdmo.org Science8TH GRADE VOYAGER636-733-4200 Math7th Grade Olympic636-733-4200 Language Arts6th Grade Seeker636-733-4200 Language Arts6th Grade Seeker636-733-4200 Science7th Grade Olympic636-733-4200 Language Arts6th Grade Searchers636-733-4200 ProcessesEncore636-733-4200 Language Arts7TH GRADE DREAM636-733-4200 Language Arts7TH GRADE OLYMPIC636-733-4200 Language Arts7TH GRADE VOYAGERS636-733-4200 Studies636-733-4200 Education8th Grade Voyager636-733-4200 ArtENCORE636-733-4200 Science8th Grade Voyager636-733-4200 Science6th Grade Searchers636-733-4200 Science8TH GRADE EXPLORER636-733-4200 Orchestra636-891-6750 x41402jonessarahk@rsdmo.org Language Arts7TH GRADE DREAM636-733-4200 Language Arts8th Grade Voyager636-733-4200 Studies8th Grade Explorers636-733-4200 Band Teacher636-733-3100 Orchestra636-891-6775 EducationENCORE636-733-4200 Math7TH GRADE DREAM636-733-4200 Orchestra636-891-6800 x20062mazarjohn@rsdmo.org Education7TH GRADE OLYPMIC636-733-4200 Esol Teacher636-733-4230 Studies7th Grade Olympic636-733-4200 Spanish TeacherENCORE636-733-4200 Education6TH GRADE SEARCHERS636-733-4200 Language Arts6TH GRADE SEARCHERS636-733-4200 x41607moeckelnicole@rsdmo.org Science6th Grade Seeker636-733-4200 Studies7TH GRADE DREAM636-733-4200 Math636-733-4200 x41502odlumdebbie@rsdmo.org Studies6TH GRADE SEARCHERS636-733-4200 Language Arts636-733-4200 x41600seitzallison@rsdmo.org Stretch636-733-4200 Education636-733-4200 Math8th Grade Voyager636-733-4200 Education7TH GRADE DREAM636-733-4200 Math6th Grade Searchers636-733-4200 Studies6th Grade Seeker636-733-4200 Math8TH GRADE VOYAGER636-733-4200 Language Arts7th Grade Olympic636-733-4200 MusicEncore636-733-4200 Education8th Grade Explorers636-733-4200 Orchestra636-733-3100 Studies8th Grade Voyager636-733-4200

 Special Education

    • Aderman, Cindy
      SSD Resource (7)
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41509
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    • Angelo, Andrea
      SSD Speech & Language (8) Explorers
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 X41514
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    • Blassingame-Gilliam, Latonya
      SSD Teacher
      Phone: (636) 733-4200
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    • Butchart, Emily
      SSD Resource
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 x23666
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    • Nowak, Kassie
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 41501
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    • Pfaff, Kimberly
      SSD Teacher
      Phone: (636) 733-4200
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    • Sabatino, Heather
      SSD Resource (7) Olympic
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41713
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    • Schiller, Cindy
      SSD - (6, 7, 8)
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41506
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    • Shelden, Jaime
      SSD Speech & Language
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 X41614
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    • Wolff, Jennifer
      SSD Resource (8) Explorers
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 x41800
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    • Wright, Ariel
      SSD (8) Explorers
      Phone: (636) 733-4200 X41800
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 Classroom Assistants

 Cafeteria Staff Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn Cn