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Wildcat PRIDE

​​Universal expectations play a critical role in the establishment and continuous improvement of school culture and positive behavioral support for all students. At LaSalle Springs Middle School, our P.R.I.D.E. expectations define how all learners can demonstrate proactivity, respect, integrity, determination and engagement across a variety of school settings. By showing P.R.I.D.E., Wildcats prepare themselves for success in school and life.​​​

Wildcat P.R.I.D.E.

LaSalle Springs Middle School Universal Expectations










Ready to succeed and accountable for my actions

Arrive to class

on time with materials, Chromebook charged, and ready to learn.

Travel on the right.

Carry a pass during non-passing times.

Listen to any announcements to make sure you are where you need to be.

Have parent notes ready to hand for bus passes.

Return books

on time.

Visit during passing time.

Wash hands.

Remain seated and out of the aisles while the bus is in motion.



Consideration for others, your environment, and yourself

Follow directions.

Listen actively.

Accept all.

Throw away trash in trash can.

Value other’s space and belongings.

Throw away trash in trash can.

Use an

inside voice.

Demonstrate basic table manners.  

Use an inside voice.

Throw away trash in trash can.

Use an inside voice.

Walk in and out quietly.

Wait patiently for assistance.

Walk in and out quietly.

Keep feet on the floor and off the furniture (chairs).

Use an

inside voice.

Flush toilet

after use.

Throw away trash in trash can.

Turn off faucet when finished.

Follow driver expectations.

Refrain from eating or drinking.

Use an

inside voice.



Demonstrating positive character even when no one else is watching

Use technology for learning purposes.

Be polite to your teacher and classmates.

Lend a helping hand to those who might need it.

Use polite words.

Keep your phone off and away.

Be inclusive at tables.

Be polite to cafeteria staff and peers.

Be polite to secretaries, staff, and visitors.

Be truthful.

Be polite to the librarian and others using the library.

Keep your phone off and away.

Maintain privacy for self and others.

Be polite to bus driver and riders.

Use appropriate language.

Use social media appropriately.



Showing perseverance and grit

Put forth your

best effort.

Ask for help when you need it.

Learn from your mistakes.

Walk safely.

Get to your destination on time.

Make healthy choices.

Make new friends.

Stay focused and on task.

Stay focused and on task.

Take care of needs in a

timely fashion.

Report to bus

on time.



Actively involved in learning, leading, and serving

Listen, learn, and participate.

Watch where you are going.

Greet others.

Keep your phone and Chromebook off and away.

Contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Listen and participate in group sessions and one-on-one conversations.

Find a “just right” book you’ll enjoy reading.

Recommend books to others.

Report problems or inappropriate use to staff.

Talk quietly with peers in the

seats near you.