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'Mondays for Mike' Flamion Continues at Ballwin Elementary



Five months after Ballwin Police Officer Mike Flamion was shot and paralyzed while on duty, "Mondays for Mike" continues at Ballwin Elementary School.

Each Monday, staff members are encouraged to dress casual and wear blue t-shirts, in support of police, for a small fee.

Principal Dr. Rodney Lewis said it's a way for staff members to show respect.

"Just from the adults in our school, we wanted to make sure Officer Flamion was remembered throughout the school year," said Dr. Lewis.  "Every time we wear these shirts we're reminded someone in our Ballwin community was hurt in the line of duty.  I hope every time we see each other with these shirts on we don't forget."

The t-shirts bear a logo which reads, "Officer Flamion Supporter." 

Lewis said SSD teacher Susan Scheibel organized the "Mondays for Mike" effort shortly after Flamion was wounded.

Scheibel said, "Anyone who visits Ballwin Elementary on a Monday will know how grateful we are for the work our first responders do every day.  You can always help, but I wanted something that would be long term.  I wanted it to be a school community sort of thing."

Lewis said hoodies and long-sleeve t-shirts are now available also.

"Officer Flamion's family and our student resource officers still think about him every day.  I want us to do the same thing," said Lewis.  "That's what these shirts represent for us.  That's why it had to be all year.  If you come to our school on a Monday, people wear these shirts.  We want to constantly pay respect to Officer Flamion."