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Eureka High AMPED Students Pitch Their Products to Business Professionals

A female high school students models a yellow and purple blanket during a presentation.

​​Eureka High AMPED class member Jaeda Meier displays her sports blanket
during a presentation to a panel of business professionals.​

Eureka High AMPED (Algebra I in Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship and Design) class members pitched the products they are making and marketing in a presentation to business professionals, including the manager of the school store, March 13. 

Products included sports blankets, coasters and decorative metal buttons bearing Eureka High sports logos. 

"The students were given guidelines and expectations of what needed to be included in their presentation and were expected to create a prototype of their product to show to our panel," said AMPED teacher Patrice Willard. 

Willard said prior to that, students researched interest in and pricing for their product. 

"They were instructed to research the cost of the product, set a wholesale price, determine the profit margin and set a resale price for our target market." 

Freshman Emily Neumann's product is Koozie cups. She explained what she learned from the panel of business professionals. 

"Our best success will likely come from offering these items to sports booster clubs," she explained. 

Jaeda Meier's product is a sports blanket. 

"We researched how much it would cost," said Meier. "I play field hockey in the fall. While they're watching, my parents get cold, so I thought this would be a good investment for people like them." 

AMPED class member Sebastian Fleming explained what he learned about marketing, production and pricing of his product, metal buttons. 

"We use an equation for the cost of one button and how much a set would cost," he said. "Then we increase it to find an amount that would allow for a good profit while still being a fair price." 

After their presentations, the students discussed changes they can consider, based on recommendations of the panel.