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Rockwood Summer Academy Offers Afternoon Enrichment Camps


Rockwood School District is offering Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camps for all students, entering grades 1-5. 

Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camps are each one week in length, with a new camp offered during each week of Rockwood Summer Academy, June 4-29, 2018. 

While Summer Academy students are able to stay and participate in fee-based Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camps, students do not need to attend Summer Academy in order to qualify.

The 1-4:00 p.m. camps will be offered at Blevins, Chesterfield, Kellison and Woerther.​ The cost is $120/week. 

Four camps will be available for each of the two age groups. Students sign-up for a specific site. The week-long camps will rotate so that each camp is offered at each site. 

Rockwood Summer Afternoon Enrichment camps include: 

--Super Duper Messy Art (grades 1-2)

--CSI: Summer (grades 1-2)

--Fun & Games (grades 1-2)

--LEGO Challenge Adventures (grades 1-2)

​--Draw, Paint, Splatter (grades 3-5)

--CSI: Detective (grades 3-5)

--Awesome Sports Camp (grades 3-5)

--LEGO Engineering (grades 3-5) 

Rockwood Executive Director Elementary Education Dr. Dave Cobb said, "Summer Academy students will have the first opportunity to sign up for Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camp in the afternoon. Then we're going to open up Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camp to all area first-through-fifth grade students." 

Online enrollment for Summer Academy students began Monday, March 5, at 6 a.m. 

Cobb said the goal is to offer class sizes of about 20 students at Summer Afternoon Enrichment Camps. More classes can be added at each site as necessary, according to student interest. 

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