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Student Donates Money Raised in Lemonade Stand to Rockwood's Random Acts of Kindness Program

A boy and his older sister stand behind a table in their lemonade stand.

​​Payton Moritz, right, and her brother, Wyatt, raised money in a lemonade
 stand last summer for Rockwood's Random Acts of Kindness program.​

A Westridge Elementary second-grade student has donated money raised in her lemonade stand to a Rockwood program which helps pay for school meals for students in need. 

One day last summer, Payton Moritz, 7, operated the stand and raised $35. Family and friends added to the amount. Payton donated $100 to the school lunch program. 

"We figured out that some people may be having trouble paying for lunch," said Payton, "so we did a lemonade stand to raise money." 

Payton's younger brother, Wyatt, helped out. 

"It wasn't difficult because we had two choices," added Payton, "pink and regular." 

Payton's mother, Jessica Wilhelmus, said, "Her dad, Dan, and I are very proud of her efforts and the huge heart that she has to put others first." 

Would you like to help pay for school meals for a child in need?  Rockwood Child Nutrition offers a variety of ways that our school community can help pay school meals for students  who have negative meal balances. 

·         Donate via MySchoolBucks: Families using the MySchoolBucks secured, online payment system may donate online through their established account. You'll see a Random Acts of Kindness  option where funds may be donated to Rockwood's districtwide program. Please note that MySchoolBucks online fees for meal payments also apply to donations.

·         Donate via check: Families may write a check to support students in need who have outstanding meal balances. Cafeteria managers at each school campus are able to accept these donations via check. The donor may assign the funds to a specific student account, a Rockwood school or the district at-large.  Please make your check payable to: Rockwood Child Nutrition.

·         Donate end-of-year balance: Families may donate part or all of their remaining balance to help students with negative meal balances. Call Rockwood Child Nutrition at (636) 733-3250. 

Free-and-Reduced Lunch Program: The Rockwood School District participates in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. This allows families the opportunity to apply for free-and-reduced meal benefits. Applications may be submitted any time during the school year.