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Activities and Clubs

​Activities and clubs play an integral role in a student’s education experience.  For a weekly schedule of activities, see the Weekly Announcements & Calendar on the RSMS website.

These opportunities contribute positively to increased school pride, overall school climate and individual student growth.  Ask your teachers and counselors about how you can become involved in Rockwood South school activities.

RSMS 2015-2016 Clubs and Activities

Art Squad – (Tuesdays starting September 1) The Art Squad is the club that has been responsible for a lot of the art at RSMS.  They have done everything from small murals to shoes on the ceiling.  In Art Squad the students have a chance to lead, work in teams, design, produce and sell their artwork.  In the past our fundraising has benefitted local charities and the after school art activities. 
Class News Club – (Friday starting September 4) More information is coming for this new club!

Club Mud – (Mondays starting September 14) Working with clay to set your creativity free!

Comic Book Club – (Thursdays starting September 3) This gathering of artists, creative people and fans of both the American and Japanese comic art styles will get together this year to learn and appreciate this awesome art form.  One goal of this club will be to create and publish an original comic book and see it on the shelves of one of our local comic shops!

Cross Country – (Wednesdays starting on September 2)

*Drama Rehearsal (During Plays) – Our Fall Musical will be on November 11, 12, and 13 stay tuned for auditions dates during the month of September!

GABBY – Girls are Brainy, Brilliant and Youthful - ( Tuesdays starting September 8) - The goal of this group is to celebrate, creativity, courage and collaboration among girls who want to learn something new.  Be a GABBY girl.

Girls Athletics – (Tuesdays starting on September 1)

Lighthouse – (Wednesdays starting September 9) Students will provide their input and leadership into promoting an environment of leadership and service for all students. Students need to fill out the Lighthouse team application to be a member of this organization.  Applications are available in the Leadership Center and are due on by Wednesday, September 3.

Math Contest – (Tuesdays starting September 8) Open to all students!

Minecraft Club – (Mondays and Wednesdays starting on September 2) Fun with Game-Based learning using Minecraft!  The skills of planning, design and collaboration will be emphasized as we have fun being creative using the sandbox computer based game “Minecraft”. 

*NJHS: National Junior Honor Society Meeting – Meets once a month for existing members, but varies by day.  7th and 8th grade students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of the previous school year will be notified of their eligibility for membership on September 1st. On September 8th, these students will receive their membership application packet and instructions on how to complete the application and including due date.  (NJHS - Induction ceremony is November 16th) 

Orchestra Practice – (Wednesdays starting September 2) 

Origami, Zentangle & Quilling Club – (Thursday Starting September 3rd) - Come join us in room 100 to spend an hour in paper crafts.

Photography – (Wednesdays starting September 2) RSMS is the only middle school in the district with its own old school photo darkroom!  In photo club, students learn to make photographs in a variety of ways.  They will make their own cameras, shoot with digital cameras and even learn Adobe Photoshop to create unique works of art.  Photo club members even get the chance to take home a real 35mm film camera, shoot the film and learn to develop it!

Running Club – (Mondays starting September 21) Students will have an opportunity to run with Ms. Forcelledo as we train to run up to 3 miles together.  This is a great way to stay active while having fun! This club will run through some neighborhoods near our school so parent permission is needed to join.  We will begin on Monday, September 21.

Science Club – (Wednesdays starting September 2) The Science Club is responsible for the maintenance of the Mickey Hale Memorial Garden in the Fall and Spring.  In the Winter, we do a variety of science activities/experiments chosen by the club members.

Strategy Games – (Wednesday starting September 2) Come join us to spend an hour playing board games.

*STUCO Student Council – Get involved with school leadership, spirit, and service through our Student Council!  Members are selected through an application process.  Applications are due on Thursday, September 27.

T25 Exercise Class – (Monday – Friday each week, starting on Tuesday, September 1) Come join us for intensive cardio and strength workouts.

*Web Leaders Meetings – existing Web Leaders meet once a month with the next meeting on Thursday, September 3.  After Spring Break, 7th grade students will be invited to apply to be a Web Leader for the 2016-2017 school year.

*Yearbook – (On varied days each month, starting Tuesday, September 1)  Students will be involved in the creation of the RSMS yearbook.  Come to this initial meeting for future dates!

Coming Soon!

8th Grade Volleyball – (November and December)

8th Grade Intramural Basketball – (December thru February)

8th Grade Falcon Fitness – (December thru February)

Ad-lib Club – (Mondays starting date to be determined) – Students help plan and promote reading for fun and special library activities throughout the year.

Be Your Own Person or BYOP – (To be determined) A Club that encourages students to realize their value is measured by the person they are and not just physical attributes.

Book Battle – (Thursdays starting date to be determined) The library sponsors a reading club that encourages students to read for fun while competing with peers.  Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read at the annual Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle which is held the last week of April.  The structure and format of the competition is similar to a 'trivia night'.  Students who enjoy reading and friendly team competition may want to consider joining Book Battle Club.  Plus, it is a fun, field trip day.  The club meets weekly beginning in November until the competition.

Robotics – (Wednesdays with starting date to be determined) Students will engage in Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through real life problem solving by building, programming, and controlling a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot. Students will construct an EV3 Robot and program it using LabVIEW, a simple drag and drop language that is easy to use. Students may participate in Lego League Competitions!

Morning Fitness – Morning Fitness is an opportunity for students to get in their morning run or the work out in the fitness center.

PE Games – Students stay after school to play common games from PE class.  For example, the may play flag football, 9 Square, capture the flag, etc.

Middle School Milers – (This activity will begin in January)  We train and run the Go St. Louis 5K in April

Fuel up to Play 60 – (Dates to be determined) Fuel Up to Play 60 is a workout program to encourage kids to be active for 60 minutes. This activity will meet in the gym.​

Common Questions​

Who May Participate?
Rockwood South Middle School activities are open to all students who attend RSMS. A few activities may be restricted to certain grade levels. This information will be included in the announcements.

Students will not be allowed to participate in intramural activities on the days they have been assigned to a detention or in-school/out-of-school suspension.

What Is Expected Of Me?
Students participating in activities are expected to be courteous, cooperative, committed, and in control. This includes following the guidelines established by the sponsor, turning in the necessary permission forms, and displaying appropriate behavior at all times.

It is a privilege to participate in activities at RSMS. Students who misbehave while participating will be removed from the activity and will not be allowed to participate in any other activities until given permission by the administration and sponsor.

When Are Activities Held?
Activities are usually held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:25. Some activities may be held at different times and will be noted in the specific description of that activity.

Where Will The Activities Be Held?
Most of the activities will be held at RSMS. Those that are not will be listed under the specific description of the activity. The activities held off campus might require the parent/guardian to pick up the student because it concludes after the activity buses have departed.

How Do I Sign Up For An Activity?
Students can go to the room specified in the activity announcement and sign up with the sponsor/teacher. Some activities require sign up and permission forms through the teacher/coach.  All students must sign the after school activity sheet in the front office by 1:00 on the day they will be attending an after school activity. After school library study and library clubs require sign up in front office as well as the library.

How Do I Get Home After An Activity?
At 3:25, students are released to go to their lockers and meet the buses. Resident students must provide their own transportation.  Activity buses are provided to students in the VICC program and are located in front of the building where the students are dropped off in the morning.

Why Should I Get Involved In Activities At RSMS?
These activities are set up for the students to learn something new. It is a great way to meet new friends, gain new experiences, and have fun.