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Parent Information

Attendance is important. We’re concerned when your child is out of school.  Please keep the office informed of any planned absences along with last minute illnesses. 

Parents/guardians are responsible for notifying the school office of their child’s absence.  On the day of the absence, a phone call should be made to the office.  We must hear from a parent or guardian each day a student is absent.  If we do not have a call, the absence is unexcused.  For your convenience, absences may be phoned in before the start of the school day by calling the attendance hotline 636-891-6865 or the attendance secretary at 636-891-6852.​  

If you leave a message, don’t forget to include the following: student’s name, grade, reason for absence including, symptoms, and your name and relationship to the student. 

Sign-Out Procedures - If a student is being dismissed from school early (example - doctor appointment), a parent note should be sent to the front office upon arrival to school stating time of departure and reason for leaving. The front office will in turn write the student a “Student Hall Pass” releasing the student from class at the designated time. Parents should come to the front office to sign out and pick up their son or daughter.

Guest riders are not allowed on a bus without a parent or guardian note, which must be submitted to the school office for approval.  Requests must be for a legitimate education-related reason as determined by the school office and the bus must have sufficient capacity to seat the guest rider.  A copy of the school office approved note will be presented to the bus driver prior to boarding.  School administrators have the authority to deny guest riders for other reasons.  The school office will notify the parents/guardians should a request be denied.

Extended Absences (Reference R2310)
Parents planning to take a student out of school are responsible for making advance arrangements with the school office. When a student is out-of-town or absent for family vacations the following policy applies:

A student may be excused up to five school days provided that:

  1. The grade level principal or office has been notified in writing of the absence
  2. An extended absence form is to be completed   Please provide at least three days notice.
  3. The student procures assignments in advance of the absence using the extended absence form.
  4. All assigned work is turned in upon returning to school
  5. All tests, etc. are made up at the direction of the individual teacher
  6. All absences must be reported to the attendance secretary

As always, it is important to keep the lines of communication open between your child’s school and home.  Parents planning to take a student out of school are responsible for making advance arrangements with the school office.