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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In February 2018, Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost launched a comprehensive review of school district protocols, practices and infrastructure related to maintaining and improving safe, orderly learning environments for all students. The process included members of the district’s administrative leadership team, along with continued engagement of local law enforcement officials, first responders and our state legislators. As part of this comprehensive review, administrators continued to examine the effectiveness of security procedures already in place, as well as opportunities for safety improvements for individual schools and system-wide.

While the overall findings reflect that there is a robust security system to support Rockwood schools, there is always more we can do. Our system includes a dedicated staff, engaged teachers, strong leadership from administrators, and partnerships with law enforcement and first responders. The individuals supporting our Rockwood students and staff are the heart of any plan for crisis response, and Rockwood is well represented in this important area.

In addition, there are a number of action items that Rockwood will take to enhance our security infrastructure to ensure that students and staff remain safe and secure. Many of these additional enhancements already are underway, through use of funds made available as part of our balanced budget process.

School safety cannot be achieved merely by adding more cameras or more security staff. It is equally important to foster culture and climate that incorporate safety into daily operations at every school. Research clearly shows that safe schools are built on a foundation, and this foundation is consistent with Rockwood’s core values of building relationships with every student and every family. This focus on unity and respect ensures all students have a champion at school - a champion who nurtures them and guides them to realize their highest potential. Rockwood understands the importance of emergency preparedness. We strive to develop a proactive safety culture, where feasible measures are in place to ensure we have workable plans for crisis situations that may occur in or around our facilities. Our goal is to respond quickly in any emergency situation. The district continues to refine its crisis response planning and continues to be vigilant in the security of our schools. School safety is made up of many layers, and this report includes an overview of o​ur emergency planning in six important areas. Click on the links for more information. You can also download the report ​when you click on the image to the right.

  1. Physical Safety: enhancing facilities and infrastructure to maximize security
  2. Personnel: allocating school staff and school resource officers to reinforce safety measures
  3. Protocols: focusing on prevention, response and recovery in crisis planning
  4. Training: collaborating with law enforcement and partner agencies to enhance expertise
  5. Social and Emotional Security: providing programs to enhance the wellness of students and staff
  6. Communication​: sharing information to build awareness of safety responses​